Help us choose the February 2022 OverTake #PicOfTheMonth

Help us choose the February 2022 OverTake #PicOfTheMonth

Welcome to our new Picture of the Month competition.One aspect of racing games that doesn’t get talked about anywhere near as often as many other features do is the photo mode which almost all modern racing titles include these days. These modes allow you to take stunning screenshots of fast cars in incredible landscapes.

We decided that now is the time to celebrate the many beautiful screenshots which countless simracers have taken over the years. How are we celebrating them, you may ask? Well, as of last month, we are running a monthly competition where users can submit their finest screenshots and we let the community decide which is the best snapshot.

The voting for our February #PicOfTheMonth has already begun, and you can head over to the OverTake twitter page, to our Instagram page, or to our Discord to cast your vote! Here are the four gorgeous entries into this month’s contest.

Which of these screenshots is your favourite? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!

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