Day-night cycle and Group C coming to GTRevival?
Image credit: Ian Bell on Twitter/ Straight4 Studios

Ian Bell Hints at Day-Night Cycle for GTRevival

One of the big upcoming games in sim racing is from Straight4 and Ian Bell is keen to show off his team’s work. A recent Tweet hints at a Day-Night cycle for GTRevival.

A few weeks ago, we spoke with Ian Bell, head of Straight4 Studios about his team’s current project, GTRevival. Since our chat, the infamous game designer has put out several tweets about the title unveiling some intriguing screenshots.

The most recent of which shows off a selection of Group C prototypes racing around Interlagos. The key in these images however is that they are running at dusk in what can only be described as a stunning setting for these gorgeous cars. Following the tweet, many fans are excited. Indeed, the screenshots seem to point towards GTRevival having a full day-night cycle.

Whilst an industry standard today, this is the first time one can see signs of the feature. This is certainly a promising indication. Furthermore, Ian Bell’s previous projects in the GTR and Project CARS series both featured a full 24-hour cycle. Surely therefore, no one doubted day-night cycles would be amiss in GTRevival.

This is only a good sign that fans will be able to race as they wish. Furthermore, with the cars present in-game so far, racing at all times of day is crucial to success. One thing is for sure; we cannot wait to complete a 24-hour race in Group C machinery.

Group C in GTRevival

Indeed, the tweet – and several prior to this most recent one – show off a number of Group C racing cars in GTRevival. Throughout last week, fans were treated to in-game images of the Jaguar XJR-9 racing through Interlagos’ Senna Esses.

Well, this most recent night-time collection of images showcases a trio of 1980’s prototypes. Joining the Jaguar in Silk Cut colours is a Nissan R89C in its factory livery. A Porsche 962 also lines up baring chassis 009ST’s Shell livery.

All three models previously featured in Project CARS 2 alongside the Sauber C9 and their Le Mans body kit equivalents. Therefore, one cannot yet be certain that these racers will feature in the final GTRevival product.

Indeed, during our interview with Bell, he mentioned that the previously seen Audi R8 GT3 model would surely not feature in the finished product. This car was reportedly only in use to compare the sim to other titles as a benchmark. This may well be what is happening with Group C.

Adding to the uncertainty, a fan asked in the Tweet replies whether a full grid of Group C cars would be present in-game rather than a mis-matched collection of two of three models. Bell’s response provided no further information simply stating it is a secret.

Following our discussion with the man himself, Group C does not appear to be the main focus. Reading between the lines when he mentioned his desire to return to his team’s roots, a focus on late-1990’s, early-2000’s GT cars feels more appropriate.

Then again, one can only wait and see how the game looks when it hits the early access testing phase at the end of this year.

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