Initial Forza Motorsport gameplay revealed
Image credit: Turn 10

Initial Forza Motorsport Gameplay Revealed in Forza Monthly

The latest Forza Monthly live stream on Monday revealed gameplay of the first few events in Forza Motorsport. Here’s what we saw.

Last night, Turn 10 hosted the latest of its Forza Monthly live streams. A chance to showcase new developments coming to the Forza series, September’s event predominantly focused on the upcoming Forza Motorsport title.

With the game’s release coming soon, it was a chance for fans to witness raw, uncut in-game action of the first few Career Mode events. The video showcases the game’s cover cars and a number of different event styles. It provides a great taster of what to expect in the game. Here are some of the key moments we picked up on.

Initial Forza Motorsport Gameplay

As with any gameplay video, the most evident take away is the graphics in Forza Motorsport. Indeed, much like any Turn 10 game, the true-to-life colour balance and lighting engine are stunning. In the second event showcasing night-time endurance racing, the colours are visibly gorgeous as ray tracing technology is clearly helping to elevate the game’s look.

Elsewhere, the audio also takes a clear step up in this latest game. This is something several early access reviewers are pointing out as well. The engine notes are all far more realistic than previous titles it seems, but the true shock in the audio department is how immersive the reverberation is. By simply watching the video, one can feel transported aboard a Honda Civic Type R or Cadillac V-Series.R LMDh racer.

Furthermore, one must point out the kerb effects. The sound of tyre rubber slapping the slats in the kerbs is nothing if not satisfying, akin to an audience applauding one’s use of the whole track.

Builders Cup Introduction

This latest Forza Motorsport gameplay video provides fans with an early view at the initial steps of its new Career Mode, Builders Cup. All about taking one car and building it into a race car beater.

This first series, shown off in the video, allows the player to choose one of three starting cars; The front-wheel drive Honda Civic Type R, the all-wheel drive Subaru Impreza STI S209 or the rear-wheel drive Ford Mustang.

After selecting their perfect car, the player is sent to Grand Oak Raceway for their first race. Several setup tweaks are available during practice sessions allowing one to adjust the car to certain driving preferences. Once they have reached the set practice laptime, it is time to race competitively.

Despite reported improvements to AI drivers both through speed and race craft, it seems race starts in Forza Motorsport will be somewhat hectic. Indeed, cars go flying everywhere in this initial gameplay video. However, once the field has figured out what it is doing, the racing does look fun.

If this initial Forza Motorsport gameplay demonstration has you interested, there is not long to wait until you can play it yourself. The game releases on 10 October to Xbox Series S/X and PC both via Game Pass on day one and traditional purchase.

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