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Introducing the F1 2026 Mod for F1 22

F1 22

There aren’t too many game-changing mods for F1 22. However, Josh Merrin’s F1 2026 mod makes some very interesting changes to the gameplay experience.

Image credit: Codemasters / EA / Josh Merrin

Every few years, the ‘Formula’ in ‘Formula 1’ gets changed significantly. Sometimes, it’s the bodywork of the cars that is revolutionised. For instance, the aero changes in both 2017 and 2022 completed altered how the cars go about generating downforce.

However, the new regulations which are slated to come into play in 2026 focus not on the chassis, but on the power units. Lower costs and an emphasis on increased electrical power output are the primary goals of the new regulations. It is immediately after the introduction of these changes that the F1 2026 mod is set.

What is the F1 2026 Mod?

F1 2026 is a mod which was created for F1 22 by Josh Merrin. It features new liveries for all of the 2026 cars, as well as the associated driver suits and other peripheral elements. Moreover, there are three new teams featured on the grid. Note, though, that the total grid is still just 20 cars; the new teams have replaced old ones, rather than being added on top of them.

To match the development that would have occurred between 2022 and 2026, the car performances have been updated too. The start menu, sponsor boards, rev lights and more have all also been adjusted for the next era of Formula 1.

Who are the New Teams?

First among the new teams in Merrin’s fantasy 2026 scenario is one of the major German manufacturers in the form of Audi. In the F1 2026 universe, they obtained the Sauber team after Alfa Romeo left the sport in 2023. Audi’s driver line-up blends a wealth of experience with youthful exuberance and potential. Nico Hulkenburg and Theo Pourchaire provide each factor in good measure.

Next up is a team which bears a name synonymous with racing prowess. The Andretti brand has been knocking on the proverbial door to F1 in real life, but thus far they have been rebuffed. However, in the world of F1 2026, Mario et al. have found their way back into the sport by acquiring the previously struggling Haas team. Naturally, Indycar star Colton Herta is one of their drivers, while Kevin Magnussen hangs on in the second seat.

Kevin Magnussen in Andretti colours. Image credit: Codemasters / EA / Josh Merrin

Finally, Merrin threw something of a curveball with the final new entrant. Van Amersfoort Racing has been a mainstay of the junior formulae for a while. However, they have never looked like taking the step up to Formula 1. Nevertheless, in F1 2026 that is exactly where they find themselves. Their arrival comes at the expense of Williams, who bowed out of the sport.

Alongside these three headline teams, Alpha Tauri has reverted to Toro Rosso as a result of poor clothing sales, while Porsche has become the title sponsor for Red Bull Racing.

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