iRacing Previews Weather Editor Ahead of Tempest Launch
Image: iRacing

iRacing Previews Weather Editor Ahead of Tempest Launch


While the interminable wait for dynamic weather (including rain) in iRacing continues, the platform has teased some set-up options. 

According to a 1999 advert for Guinness – where a surfer stoically anticipates a large wave – good things come to those who wait. 

Let’s hope when it comes to dynamic weather within the popular simulator platform iRacing, this expression is prophetic. 

Following the August 2021 announcement that rain is in development for the platform, there has been a significant wait. Bit by bit, though, the American service has been drip-feeding its members information. Pun, very definitely intended… 

Today, 23rd January 2024, a timeline editor for the Tempest system was unveiled. A short video of it in use was shared via social media, showcasing the ability to select certain weather conditions within blocks. Each block represents a portion of a race. 

In theory, then, you could customise an event to start dry, then go foggy, then heavy rain, then dry again at the end – with the track evolving to match. 

In principle, the ability to select weather conditions across different race portions seems analogous to the options available in Automobilista 2 or Gran Turismo 7, for example (and among others), when setting up a race. 

iRacing weather tempest editor conditions
Image: iRacing

In the clip, we can spot the following nine condition options, plus the ability to change temperature, wind speed and wind direction: 

  • Clear 
  • Partly Cloudy 
  • Mostly Cloudy 
  • Overcast 
  • Flog light 
  • Fog Heavy 
  • Rain Light 
  • Rain 
  • Rain Heavy 

Notably, changeable weather conditions will be rolled out initially on a car-by-car basis, with this demonstration using Lime Rock Park and the Ray FF1600 as an example.

Historical weather data

Alongside the timeline editor, iRacing claims there will also be an option entitled ‘Forecasted Weather’. With this enabled (we’re once again reminded, on the surface, of the Madness Engine tech currently used by Reiza Studios) the conditions will be based on archival data for each venue. 

While the sight of the system is new, the ability to edit conditions and use prior real-world information was previously discussed. 

iRacing weather tempest editor
Image: iRacing

When dynamic weather does hit the service, it is expected to consider the rubbering-in systems and, should the volume of water exceed the abilities of your selected tyres, aquaplaning could be a concern.

While the release date for Tempest is yet to be confirmed, it is expected sooner rather than later. 

“Our teams are working with urgency to complete this work as soon as possible, and although we aren’t comfortable 100% committing to it (this is software development at a very R&D-focused company, after all), we are going to really push for a release along with the March build,” said Senior Vice President and Executive Producer, Greg Hill, in November 2023

Tick, follows tock, follows tick… 

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