iRacing | Radical SR10 Release Trailer Published

iRacing has released a trailer for the Radical SR10, showcasing an improved successor to the popular SR8.

The Radical SR8 has enjoyed long-standing popularity in iRacing, and players will soon be able to drive a new Radical car, the SR10.

The SR10 looks similar to the SR8 from the outside, but a 10% increase in power and further refinements to the performance make it a noticeably faster car.

Weighing in at 725 kilograms, the SR10 rockets from 0-60 miles per hour in just 2.4 seconds. But the SR10 stands out for far more than just its acceleration. Radical designed the SR10 to retain the nimble handling that helped propel its SR8 to a Nordschleife record that stood for over a decade.

Based on what we can see in the release trailer, the newest Radical for iRacing appears to be very capable through every stage of the corner. The trailer showcases very short braking distances, stability at the apex in both fast and slow corners, and impressive acceleration on track-out.

Whether the SR10 will succeed and replace the SR8 in the minds of most iRacers remains to be seen, but all indications point to the SR10 being an improvement across all facets versus its predecessor, so expect this to become popular in short order.

What are your thoughts on the Radical SR10 for iRacing? Is this a car you'd be interested in driving? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @RaceDepartment
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Whoa, didn't expect a new Radical. Good news.
Props to the iRacing team for getting better at more exciting promo video editing.

I wrote a bit of something about the physics not looking real but I went over it again, this time in fullscreen instead of the small version here, and have to admit it looks really good, physics wise.
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Though not mainly a paddle-driver here, it sounds tempting to me, enjoyed the huge variation of SR3's, SR7's and SR8's in both official rels and mods in rF2, AC, AMS, rF1, GTR2, AMS2 (and SRW AFAIR?).

Don't remember if I tried a Radical in iRacing during my two participation periods of round 2010 and 2020, but I simply love the lively raw racing immersion from the Radicals :inlove:
I could even think of a subscription resume just with single aim of offline Radical hotlapping, though it's been a decade since that was a part of my sim habit.
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I will be doing some racing in it for week 13. The old radical was fun so was an easy purchase.
The Radical SR8 was part of the subscription, but 12$ (plus VAT for most of us) for the new one and it has replaced the SR8 it seems, even they still don't call it 'legacy' for unknown reasons. So the fastest car within the subscription on road license that can be used in official series is now the 135 hp Spec Racer Ford in terms of lap-times. And the Radical serie will probably be dead within the next weeks like the Brazilian Stock Cars and others before. At least for me this smells like greed and bad decision making.
This is a great car, the brakes take a bit of getting used to but once they’re warmed up it’s an awesome car to throw around
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The new Radical @ Sandown is an excellent combination. :)
Then race it in multiplayer or against the AI no?
Must admit I've had zero time looking more into that part, but if solo practice is not an option, I could live with AI's around my lapping - in case I'll decide whether to jump on the bandwagon at a later time, now and next months is not suitable in relation to how much time I'll have vs. an iR re-sub.

Edit: I read your post on your own reflections before your editing, in between lines I read there's a learning curve in order to handle braking. Which is just further good news to me :)

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