iRacing introduces updated NASCAR Cup cars, Scanning Mustang/Corvette GT3?
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iRacing Scans Mustang, Corvette GT3? NASCAR Updated


In the IMSA paddock, rumours suggest iRacing is scanning the Mustang and Corvette GT3 cars. Elsewhere, the latest patch introduces the new-look Mustang and Camry NASCAR Cup Series cars.

In an article around the new year predicting content coming to different sim racing titles in 2024, we pointed out that many iRacing-associated series receive new models this year. In NASCAR, the Cup Series models get a mid-life refresh with clear visual updates coming to the Mustang and Camry. Meanwhile, IMSA’s GTD class is getting no-less than three new GT3 cars.

Well, it seems that our predictions were very much correct. In fact, the last 24 hours have seen a number of stories emerge concerning the title. As the game’s social pages focused on developments to the weather system, a fourth patch to the current season introduced new content in the form of updated NASCAR Cup Series models.

Perhaps the most exciting story for the community however is talk of iRacing team members scanning the new Mustang and Corvette GT3 cars.

iR S1 Patch 4: NASCAR Cup Cars Updated

For the 2024 seasons, the NASCAR Cup Series models get a minor update both visually and mechanically. Slight adjustments in the form of a mid-life update to the chassis were seemingly the perfect time for Toyota and Ford to give their cars facelifts.

In fact, the Ford Mustang enters a new era in all walks of life this year. A sharp redesign gives the car more aggression on the road, something the racing variants are picking up on. This year’s NASCAR Cup car adopts the changes, welcoming them with open arms.

As for Toyota, a range-wide overhaul means the Camry carries the ‘hammerhead’ design of other models such as the new Prius. Wearing the elegant lightbar, fans will be pleased to remember from the movie Cars that NASCAR lights are still only stickers.

With the real championship and the eNASCAR series incoming fast, iRacing has already introduced the new-look models to its service. The cars joined the sim in a mid-season patch. Not to fear however. Being updates to the Next Gen cars, all those that previously purchased the new cars will get the update for free.

Mustang, Corvette GT3 Coming to iRacing?

Whilst new-look NASCAR Cup cars are exciting, the community seems to very much focus on IMSA content nowadays. With that in mind, it seems that the Daytona paddock is once again host to car scanning for the iRacing team.

A few days ago, iRacing streamer Matt Malone came across the leaked time table of an IMSA team’s Roar Before the 24. Reportedly taking place on 21 January was three hours worth of photography of the car in question by iRacing. At the time, the team and car in question were unknown.

However, in a recent video by Marshall Pruett on the Racer social pages, one can clearly see an iRacing team member taking photos of the Ford Mustang GT3. In the video, Pruett points out the personnel whilst mentioning that images had also been taken of the new Corvette. One must point out that this does not mean the two cars are coming to the title. The figure may well just be a fan of the sport making the most of IMSA’s open paddock.

However, with team timetables clearly setting aside large portions of the day for iRacing access, the introduction of both models is looking likely. So when might these new GT3 cars join iRacing? Well, last year’s Daytona 24 saw the Ligier LMP3 car also get attention from the squad. That particular car arrived in Season 3, in June. So perhaps it is worth keeping an eye out for these new cars come Le Mans season.

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