F1 23 announcement coming soon?
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Is an F1 23 Announcement Coming?

F1 23

News regarding the upcoming F1 game is certainly sparse. But F1 22 players are now seeing signs that an F1 23 announcement may be coming soon.


With the 2023 Formula One season well underway, fans of the sport are looking forward to the next official game. F1 23 is continuosly rumoured to be a fresh start for the series. But with little to no information on the upcoming release, fans are left questioning what will really be different.

Today however, the first signs of life concerning the game are beginning to emerge. If you picked up the 2022 season game today, you will have noticed a pop-up advertising the 2023 game. Formula One gamer and influencer, Aarava took to Twitter to show off the notification he received in-game.

Along with the screenshot, he mentions his belief that an F1 23 announcement of some sort may take place this week. He points out the fact that previous releases in the franchise have been officially announced on mid-April Thursdays.

This is in fact true. Announcement trailers for F1 22 and F1 2021 released on 21 April and 15 April respectively, both of which were Thursdays. The F1 2020 announcement trailer however also debuted on a 15 April. A Wednesday in that particular year.

Whether EA Sports and Codemasters have fallen for a certain day of the week or not, it’s fair to say that now in the final week of April, the F1 23 announcement trailer is late. So with F1 22 players getting in-game pop-ups, it seems likely that this is the week we will finally get some information on the game.

More F1 23 Announcement Signs

Whilst mid-game interruptions and statistical coincidences point towards this week for a trailer, there is more to discuss. Enter ‘F1 23‘ into Google and you will spot a page for the game on Steam.

alpine f1 car in f1 22, seen from the front
Many cars will look different in F1 23. But what else will change? Image credit: Codemasters/EA Sports

Those excited for the game can now add it to their wishlist and keep up to date with everything going on. From release date announcements to pre-orders opening, fans will be the first to know when F1 23 becomes available to purchase.

Alongside Steam, we also know that F1 23 will release to both current and old generations of consoles. This includes the current crop of PS5 and Xbox Series S/X. But also the older PS4 and Xbox One platforms.

In fact, the game’s pre-release Beta will get underway this week for all five platforms. Two phases of this open beta will see the most dedicated of fans help iron out bugs. The open beta will end on 22 May. Could this indicate an earlier than usual release date for F1 23? Only time will tell.

Editor’s Take

After such a long time waiting, it’s great to see EA Sports and Codemasters finally kick into gear when it comes to getting excitement going for F1 23. First the beta launch and now these cryptic notifications popping up here and there, it feels like the team is really hyping up the title.

Whilst I do see it as a good thing, I do worry that it will cause fans more disappointment upon release. F1 games see very little innovation and progression year on year due to the rapid turn around between titles. So I worry that we are all getting excited over another reskinned version of the same game we’ve seen for the past decade.

I’m not sure I follow the pattern Aarava is chartering by predicting an announcement on Thursday. But I do believe that the game will reach the public eye at some point during the week. I guess we all have something to look forward to by the weekend then.

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