DICE could announce WRC game at rally Sweden

Is DICE Developing the Next WRC Game?


After the launch of WRC Generations last year, the series’ license is officially now in the hands of EA. As the gaming giant recently took control of Codemasters, the simracing community was sure the team behind Dirt Rally would create WRC 23. However, based on goings-on in Sweden, it seems DICE might in fact be responsible for the next WRC game release.

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Last year saw Kylotonn Games release its final WRC title, WRC Generations. This final hurrah to the series was unfortunately met with significant criticism. Flaws in its quality and a lack of attention to detail left the rallying community hoping for better in 2023.

In fact, the World Rally Championship licence is officially changing hands for this year to EA. The American games giant recently took control of Codemasters. As such, many believed the creators of Dirt Rally would make the next WRC game. But numerous simracing influencers attending WRC Sweden this weekend paid DICE studios a visit. Could we see a surprise announcement soon?

Best known in recent times as the team behind both the Battlefield and Star Wars Battlefront franchises, DICE does have racing game experience. Back in the early 2000’s during the great rally game boom, DICE put out several critically acclaimed titles.

DICE: A Good Rally Game CV

Michelin Rally Masters: Race of Champions released in 2000 on PS1 and PC. It was a game focusing on the famous Race of Champions event in which drivers from various motorsport disciplines compete head-to-head. With many different cars to race on the narrow, twisting tracks, this game provided plenty of fun. Furthermore, its online multiplayer mode was certainly advanced for its time.

DICE was also behind one of the more diverse rally games of its time, Rallisport Challenge. This title and its sequel both featured rally cars from a plethora of eras. Heavy all-wheel-drive Group A machines ran alongside infamous Group B racers and older classics. It is certainly the diversity found in these releases that inspired the wide array of vehicles seen in modern rally sims.

Prior to its focus on rallying, the Swedish game studio also put out a series of Swedish Touring Car games. These featured the cars and tracks of the national racing championship, similarly to the original TOCA Touring Car games.

There’s no doubt DICE has plenty of experience in the racing game world. But Codemasters also sits under the EA banner. Undeniably, the British stuido has more recent knowledge, not only of simracing, but of rally games too. The team most recently released Dirt Rally 2.0 in 2019. However, yearly F1 games are consistently falling short of the mark. Perhaps, therefore, WRC will be graced with a different fate under the guidance of DICE.

Regardless of which studio develops the next WRC game, it is certain to attract many rally fans. The simracing sphere has seen very little diversity of the niche in recent years. So any new release is welcome news.

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