Isle of Man TT to race as Esports

Isle of Man TT to race as Esports

The most dangerous motorcycle competition follows other racing leagues into the digital space.

Photo credit: Twitter/ Isle of Man TT: Ride on the Edge 2

As the controversial racing series has been canceled in reality due to the COVID-19 crisis, Isle of Man TT will hold virtual races as replacement. TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge 2 is the official game to the motorcycle series and will be the stage for the competition. The “Virtual TT” will be part of an event spanning over eight nights, called “TT Lock-In“.

A tribute to racing

TT Lock-In begins on June 6, not only providing virtual racing but celebrating the Isle of Man TT and motorsports in general. Blogger Chris Pritchard and double TT winner Steve Plater host the programs which include documentaries about and revisions of former races. There will also be a behind-the-scenes special of the movie “3 Wheeling”, covering the Sidecar TT races of 2016.

The main event is stacked with eight TT stars such as the record breaking Peter “Hickey” Hickman and Isle of Man local hero Conor Cummins who will get a grip on the controllers. Each of them will team up with an “experienced gamer” and strive for the title of the “Virtual TT Champion 2020”. You can watch them tackle the signature TT track at Bray Hill on or the official Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Image Source: Twitter/TTIoMtheGame

Driving safe

The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy (TT) is known as the most dangerous and controversial motorcycle series on earth. Since its beginning in 1907, 260 casualties have been reported. Last year it was Daley Mathison who lost his life during the RST Superbike race which was confirmed by his wife in a heartbreaking Twitter post on Mathison’s profile.

Daley Mathison
Image Source: Twitter/Daley Mathison

With the upcoming digital series, the IoM TT will at least be considerably safer than ever before. While surely some fans might miss the thrill, this can be considered something positive, especially in times like these.

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