Fashion House Bulgari Has Created A Vision Gran Turismo Car And Matching Watch

Gran Turismo 7

As the Vision Gran Turismo concept car initiative celebrates 10 years, Bulgari has collaborated with Polyphony Digital to create a watch-inspired car for Gran Turismo 7 alongside a limited-edition chronograph.

Gran Turismo has long pushed sim racing and driving games in new directions, sometimes with surprising results. Following the likes of the Nike car in Gran Turismo 4 now comes the Bulgari Aluminium Vision GT – a virtual sports car from the purveyors of jewellery, bags and watches.

Speaking of watches, the car is paired with a new limited edition version of the seminal Aluminium, more of that later…

Bulgari 02

The open-air two-seater is within the Gran Turismo 7 game, featuring an inline-four-cylinder engine that revs to just over 9,500rpm mounted in the middle sending power to the rear wheels. It outputs 394bhp and weighs exactly 1,000kg for 619.47 in-game PP.

The design features an extremely low body, no roof and a deployable rear wing which protrudes at the rear over ~100km/h. A strip of headlights is conceived until they are switched on.

Inside, in the middle of the dashboard, is a Bulgari clock and the driver’s gauges are clearly inspired by watches of a similar ilk.

Bulgari VGT

We were able to briefly drive it around Monza within Gran Turismo 7 and we can say its engine buzzed like a swarm of bees as it fired through seven gears. Equipped with sports hard tyres, brake distances were lengthy and understeer prevalent.

Here’s the kicker – you will only be able to claim the car for yourself if you purchase the special watch, whereby you will receive a code to redeem it digitally. That’s available right now.

As it stands, we were not able to receive confirmation that it will hit Brand Central for all players at a later date. Let’s hope so.

Bulgari 01

A Special Watch, For Those Who Can Afford It

The limited-edition Bulgari Aluminium x Gran Turismo Special Edition will be available with two different faces, black or yellow, and produced in limited quantities – 500 black and 1,200 yellow. It’s available only for 24 hours, today, 3rd December 2023.

Watch 01

A ‘regular’ Aluminium retails for around €4,000, this rarefied version is listed at £4,490/€5,200.

The face uses Gran Turismo-correct fonts and an enlarged number 10 to highlight the decade of Vision GTs. If you flip the timepiece around, there’s the Vision GT logo and scripture highlighting the milestone.

We were also able to try on the watch and… well, we’re clearly not connoisseurs of jewellery such as but safe to say, we’ll take a yellow one, please. Please?

Watch Back

Bulgari took the lead on the watch design, perhaps understandably, with input from Polyphony Digital, while the Japanese development studio took the lead on the car design with input from Italy.

The initiative was launched at the 2023 Gran Turismo World Series World Finals in Barcelona, with a life-size model of the car on display before its use as part of some exhibition races at the event.

What do you think of the new car? Would you like to drive it one day in Gran Turismo 7? Let us know on Twitter/X or in the comments below!