Jaguar reveals new Vision GT SV for Gran Turismo

Jaguar reveals new Vision GT SV for Gran Turismo

Jaguar’s all-electric racing car comes to Gran Turismo on December 16!

Photo credit: Jaguar

Car manufacturer Jaguar first revealed that the Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo SV will be coming to the popular sim racing game on December 14 via Twitter. It then announced in further tweets that the World Premiere of the car will be streamed today, on December 16, via Facebook.

The second new Jaguar in Gran Turismo

In the official announcement by Jaguar, the new car is described as an endurance racer first and foremost, with a top speed of 410 km/h (255 mph).

The all-electric model is the second new contribution from Jaguar to the Gran Turismo franchise. Back in October 2019, the manufacturer premiered their first all-electric virtual car with the Coupé. The reveal took place in the World Tour event in Tokyo. The Coupé is also mentioned as the base model for the new all-electric endurance racer Vision GT SV. As for the development of the new race car, Jaguar revealed the following goals and processes in their statement:

Yet to the team from Jaguar Design, SV and Jaguar Racing, the Vision GT Coupé represented only the starting point for development of the Vision GT SV. It was an opportunity to re-evaluate everything that could improve performance and in doing so, re-think what an electric Jaguar endurance race car could be. Fundamental to that process was detailed analysis of gamer feedback from online videos and forums.

The official premiere will be streamed today, on December 16, at 7 PM CET (1 PM ET) on Facebook.

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