Jimmy Broadbent hits the real-life racing track

Jimmy Broadbent hits the real-life racing track

Sim racing content creator Jimmy Broadbent takes the leap into the real-life racing world!

Photo credit: Pragaglobal

He is one of the most present faces in the sim racing world, an ambassador of esports racing and successful content creator with over 600,000 subscribers. We are talking, of course, about Jimmy Broadbent! The sim racing star has already raced in professional formats such as the  F1 Virtual Grand Prix and 24 Hours of Le Mans Virtual 2020. For his next move, Jimmy finally ventures into the world of real-life racing by taking part in the Britcar Endurance Championship.

A dream comes true

In the tournament, Jimmy will race in the guest driver program with Czech sportscar manufacturer, Praga. Their R1 model is the car our beloved esports expert makes his debut in. For Jimmy personally, finally getting behind the wheel in a professional real-life racing event has been his goal ever since his childhood days. Through the collaboration with Praga, he will be able to “live the dream”, as he phrases it in his announcement video on YouTube.

In the Praga category, Jimmy will be the teammate of racing pro Charlie Martin, who is already stoked to have him by her side on the track. As she puts it in Jimmy’s video:

I’m excited about being teammates with Jimmy! I mean, he has a lot of ability behind the wheel, clearly, and it’s going to be fascinating seeing how he adapts to the performance of the Praga in the real world. How he gets up to speed with things like sharing that space on the track with all the cars, barreling into T1 in lap one, which can be pretty intense – but I’m sure he’s going to step up to the challenge.

The Britcar Championship will begin with the Endurance Category on March 27 at Silverstone Circuit. The grid includes the Praga Category Jimmy competes in. More information on the exact dates of the races can be found on the official Britcar homepage.

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