Laige riding down the record-road

Laige riding down the record-road

Four-time Forza Motorsport world champion breaks three world records in a row.

Photo credit: Twitter/Aurélien ‘Laige’ Mallet

Red Bull Racing Esports driver Aurélien “Laige” Mallet is one of the greatest heroes of the competitive Forza Motorsport community. The 25-year-old Frenchman has four world champion titles and seven French championships under his belt.

Aurélien Laige Mallet
Image Source: Aurélien ‘Laige’ Mallet

Now he added another success to his CV: winning the Legendary Lap competition of the Forza Racing Championship. And how he did it, is quite remarkable.

How does Legendary Lap work?

In the Legendary Lap tournament, players race a series of six weekly challenges in the “Rivals mode” of Forza Motorsport 7. This mode matches every driver with a specific “rival”. The rival derives from the lap time and racing data of another player, who is usually holding a better time on a specific track than the player. This time has to be beaten. The rival switches every week and the total amount of time the player is ahead of them adds to a final result.

Forza Motorsport 7
Image Source: Twitter/ForzaRC

Each week, the track and car combinations are styled after legendary moments of Forza Racing Championship history. Week one, for example, was about Laige’s stunning performancelast year at Mugello Autodrome Full Circuit in his 2016 Lambo Centenario. As a reward, participants get a different in-game Super Sports Car with custom livery every week.

Forza Racing Championship
Image Source: Twitter/ForzaRC

No one to beat but yourself

Attendees of Legendary Lap can try and drive the tracks as often as they want within any given week. For three weeks straight, Laige did not just beat all his rivals, but he also set new world records on every track-car-combo. This incredible achievement awarded him first place in the overall ranking.

His first one was on Sebring with a 2017 Acura NSX, setting up glorious 2″09.862. This was followed by his second world record in a 69er Chevy Nova on the West layout of Road America, which he nailed at 1″31.683. His final triumph was the world record on Le Mans Bugatti where he drove his Cadillac ATS-V Forza Edition to a sensational 1″45.877 finish.

Forza Championship Overall Leaderboard
Image Source: Twitter/Aurélien ‘Laige’ Mallet

He documented all of his races on his Youtube channel. Below you can witness his final race, securing him the title as Legendary Lap Champion. Laige ended up with an overall time of 11″05.497 after six weeks, 1.060 seconds ahead of runner-up Jacob Bowkett.

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