Lando Norris in a Quadrant jersey with the Rocket League players of Quadrant.

Lando Norris’ Quadrant Enters Rocket League

After entering the competitive gaming world, F1 driver Lando Norris has now acquired a roster for his organisation Team Quadrant to compete in the Rocket League Championship Series.

Image credit: Team Quadrant

When McLaren Formula One driver Lando Norris announced Quadrant, it was promised to be a lifestyle brand and a competitive gaming organisation which united all of Norris’ passions under one umbrella. These passions, gaming, racing, content and apparel, have all been represented by the brand in one way or another. After a year slowly building up to it, Quadrant entered esports through Halo.

Now they’ve entered Rocket League esports, a game a little bit closer to Lando’s day job. They’ve acquired the team formerly known as Goldbridge Ball, with an all-British roster of Kurtis ‘Kash’ Cannon, Lucas ‘RelatingWave’ Rose and Dylan ‘eekso’ Pickering.

The team only formed just over a month ago, but have already been making waves as a result of their impressive performance in the Fall Open Qualifiers. They already have an upcoming match against Spring Major champions Moist Esports, the team owned by MoistCr1TiKaL.

Quadrant: In Good Company

Rocket League‘s esports series has proven to be a platform that plenty of teams are keen to get involved in. Moreover, this interest extends beyond traditional esports teams and into racing teams. Norris isn’t the only F1 name that has connections to RLCS, as the Williams team run a Rocket League roster in partnership with competitive gaming organisation Resolve.

There’s also sim racing teams like BS+COMPETITION and even Veloce, who operate Quadrant. This does raise the question as to what Quadrant’s entry into RLCS will mean for Veloce, as they had just re-entered the scene back in May. They picked up a roster that competed in the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) region whereas Quadrant will be in the EU split, although Veloce did just part with their roster.

There is precedence for organisations running two rosters competing, as the team Evil Geniuses competed while also maintaining ownership ties with Wolves Esports, the gaming division of football team Wolverhampton Wanderers. Both teams have EU rosters and it caused controversy, as it was believed to be a conflict of interest to have both teams competing.

In that case, it was permitted to continue both teams as the organisers established enough of a separation to not be in breach of regulation 6.3.1, which states no team owner, manager or corporate entity can own or control more than one team.

In the case of Veloce and Quadrant, we can’t say exactly whether that will be the same case. With Veloce having parted with their MENA roster, maybe that points to the Veloce name disappearing from RLCS to make way for Quadrant.

Follow their progress on the official Team Quadrant Twitch channel.

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