Last chance for Gran Turismo Nations Cup qualifier

Last chance for Gran Turismo Nations Cup qualifier

Only one chance left to qualify for the Gran Turismo Sport 2020 Nations Cup Championship.

Photo credit: Gran Turismo Twitter

Gran Turismo opens another door to let drivers qualify for the Nations Cup. The Extra Stage Time Trial event starts this Thursday, October 15, and will finish on October 25. For drivers, this is the last chance to make it to the Online Regional Finals which are due to be held in November.

If you want to enter the event, you can find the challenge under the Sports Mode – Time Trial section in Gran Turismo Sport. The circuit where you need to show off your skills is Suzuka, and the car of choice is the Red Bull X2019 Competition.

For more information on the Extra Stage Time Trial, you can head over to the official homepage of Gran Turismo.

Online Series are already completed

The 2020 Championship consists of five events:

  • Online Series
  • World Tour 2020 – Sydney
  • Extra Stage Time Trial
  • Online Regional Finals
  • Online World Finals

The first point on this list is already completed. The Online Series was split into three stages, each conisting of ten races over the course of five months. The 36 fastest drivers from all over the world claimed a slot in the online Regional Finals. A pool of the most talented challengers to make their way through the Extra Stage Time Trial then gets added to these 36 racers. There is no information yet about how many drivers will be selected in the Extra Stage.

If you want to learn more about the Nations Cup in general, you can check out our article about the event below.


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