Latest Gran Turismo 7 Weekly Challenges and Online Time Trial - Weissach's Finest
Image: Overtake, captured in-game

Latest Gran Turismo 7 Weekly Challenges and Online Time Trial: Weissach’s Finest 

Gran Turismo 7

This week’s set of Weekly Challenges in single-player, including a Special Event, plus a Lap Time Challenge are now available within Gran Turismo 7 – and there’s a Porsche 911 GT3 RS-specific event.

As today is a Thursday, that means that not only is there a fresh Sport Mode Lap Time Challenge within Gran Turismo 7, but there’s also a new single-player limited-time Special Event alongside a fresh slate of Weekly Challenges.

Gran Turismo 7 Weekly Challenges, w/c 4th January 2024 

As ever, there are five weekly challenges for single-player Gran Turismo 7, found in the bonus green menu area within World Circuits. 

Gran Turismo 7 Weekly Challenges, wc 4th January 2024 

These consist of four existing events to re-play, plus one new limited-time ‘special event’ which is only available between the 4th and the end of the 10th January 2024. Completing this, plus re-visiting the four other events to third place or better will unlock bonuses. 

Here are the events for this week: 

  • Sunday Cup, Northern Isle Speedway – Any road car, five laps – 1st 5,000 credits 
  • Special Event, Autopolis – ‘One Make’, Porsche 911 GT3 RS (992) ’22 – 1st 87,500 credits 
  • European Clubman Cup 600, Brands Hatch Grand Prix – Any road car from UK, Germany, France, Italy or Austria, three laps – 1st 25,000 credits 
  • Nissan GT-R Cup, Tokyo Expressway East Clockwise – Nissan GT-R with 700pp or less – 1st 80,000 credits 
  • Red Bull X2019 Nations Cup, Trial Mountain – Red Bull X2019 Competition/25th Anniversary, racing tyres, 2x consumption, 8x wear – 1st 200,000 credits 

The maximum payout from the races alone, before the potential of a 50 per cent Clean Race Bonus augmentation, is 397,500 credits. 

Gran Turismo 7 Weekly Challenges, wc 4th January 2024 

As you complete the events, you’ll also earn bonus prizes, which this week are as follows: 

  • Complete one event – six-star roulette ticket (parts) 
  • Complete three events – credit ticket, 200,000 
  • Complete five events – credit ticket 750,000 

Not forgetting, of course, that you’ll easily complete your Daily Workout (26.219 miles) in the process for an extra roulette ticket. 

The event in the Red Bull X2019s is one of the most demanding events this time around. Replicating something similar to the 2022 World Series World Finals event, your AI opponents are pretty rapid and the car is on a knife-edge.

We recommend you use Racing Soft tyres, pitting for new rubber but not fuel halfway through. Your on-track rivals take the opening three corners very tentatively, so that’s where you will make up time by keeping it pinned.

Gran Turismo 7 Nismo 400R

Then there’s the one-make Special Event in Porsches. We found most of the field relatively straightforward to overtake, but it took until the final corners of the last lap to catch the leaders.

Remember though, you only need third place to collect the bonus prizes. The remaining three races should be a formality.

Gran Turismo 7 Online Time Trial, w/c 4th January 2024 

The latest Lap Time Challenge will once again see you setting your best lap against the online leaderboard. Open for two weeks, between 4th January and early morning on 18th January 2024, you’ll be driving the JGTC classic Toyota Supra around the equally revered Trial Mountain Circuit

As the type of car isn’t open, unlike some prior tests, we aren’t recommending a car this time – everyone is in identical machinery.

Gran Turismo 7 Online Time Trial, wc 4th January 2024 

The racing Supra has, within Gr.3 Balance of Performance, one of the highest top speeds, but that doesn’t help you at this venue. The sound of its wastegate fluttering does hold an appeal, however.

As ever with Gran Turismo 7, if you are aiming for a competitive time, using a wheel with manual gears and traction control switched off is recommended.

Manipulating gears is key, and for this car which doesn’t rev all that far and has mid-range torque, staying in higher ratios is often the best option.

Gran Turismo 7 Toyota Supra GT500 JGTC Online Time Trial Lap Challenge

Through the opening sweepers, stay in fifth, but slightly lift off the throttle before each. The left in the middle sector before the tunnel, short-shift upon entry up to fourth, so that the rear doesn’t lose traction at the corner exit.

Towards the end of the lap (we’d categorise it as Turn 12), the tight right-hander would be in first or second usually, but in this car, stay in third. For the final two corners, don’t use first gear at all.

As ever, reward payouts are on a sliding scale and paid out once entry is closed on the 4th: 

  • Within 3% of the world record time – Gold – 2,000,000 credits 
  • Within 5% of the world record time – Silver – 1,000,000 credits 
  • Within 10% of the world record time – Bronze – 250,000 credits 

Below are the most important regulations: 

  • Entry Period: 4th January 2024 – 6:59 am GMT 18th January 2024 
  • Track: Trail Mountain Circuit
  • Specific Car: Toyota Supra GT500 ’97 
  • Useable tyres: Racing hard, intermediate or wet 
  • BoP/Tuning Prohibited: Mid-speed 
  • Car settings: Specified 
  • Shortcut penalty, wall collision penalty: Invalidate time 
Gran Turismo 7 Toyota Supra GT500 JGTC

Let us know if you set a good Lap Time Challenge time on X, @OverTake_GG, or in the comments below.