Le Mans Ultimate: 2024 Content Comes In Four Packs, Imola in July

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Fans of Le Mans Ultimate can look forward to more 2024 content soon, as the first of four packs is launching in July - including Imola, as Studio 397 and Motorsport Games confirmed.

When Le Mans Ultimate released in early access back in February, the title contained all the cars and tracks from the 2023 FIA World Endurance Championship season. But after releasing the BMW M Hybrid V8 in the week leading up to this year's 24 Hours of Le Mans, more 2024 season content is set to start rolling out.

With visual confirmation, the Alpine A424 and Lamborghini SC63 Hypercars are on their way onto the platform, as are the GT3 cars that replace the GTE class from 2024 onwards. However, the question was when and how exactly this additional 2024 content would launch. Now, we have a better idea of that, thanks to the LMU July run-down.

Four DLC Packs​

The first of four changes to the 2024 WEC schedule from last year is the Imola circuit, and the track will feature in the first DLC releasing at the end of July. The remaining three tracks - Lusail, Interlagos and Circuit of the Americas - seem to be arriving individually in the rest of the DLC pack releases. Considering that two of the three respective rounds at the tracks have not happened yet (the exception being Lusail), this makes sense - the LMU team did scan Imola at the actual WEC round, after all.

The four new Hypercar entries for this year will also be included in these packs, namely the Isotta Fraschini Tipo 6 LMH-C, the aforementioned Lamborghini SC63 and Alpine A424, and finally the Peugeot 9X8, which saw an extensive rework compared to the 2023 car already in the game. Most prominently, the 2024 9X8 now features a rear wing, as debuted at the 6H of Imola in April.

LMU BMW M4 GT3.jpg

The LMU dev team have already shown their work in progress of the GT3 cars with the BMW M4 GT3. Image: Studio 397

GT3 After Hypercars Are Complete​

After the completion of the 2024 Hypercar grid, the GT3 cars will be making their eagerly-anticipated debut in the sim. These will include the Aston Martin Vantage AMR GT3 Evo, BMW M4 GT3, Ferrari 296 GT3, McLaren 720S GT3 Evo, Lamborghini Huracán GT3 Evo 2, Ford Mustang GT3, Lexus RC F GT3, Chevrolet Corvette Z06 GT3.R and the 2024 Le Mans LMGT3 class-winning Porsche 911 GT3 R (992).

Two of those cars will be added to the platform free of charge to early access players like the BMW M Hybrid V8, whereas the remaining seven - along with the four new hypercars and the four new tracks - will be in paid DLC packs. If you intend to get all four, LMU will have a season pass that can be bought and work out at better value than buying them all individually.

Additionally, liveries for the LMP2 class field from the 2024 24 Hours of Le Mans will be added in time to the game. Once we know when the LMU season pass can be bought as well as the first of the four DLC packs themselves, we will keep you updated, of course.

Which piece of upcoming Le Mans Ultimate content are you most eagerly anticipating? Let us know on Twitter @OverTake_gg or in the comments below!
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It was a mistake to buy this thing....
Unfortunately missed the two weeks period (was under 2h, refund refused).

Game is in EA and now they push already DLCs?
Sorry, thats not the way.
How about to "fill the game with content" but not with DLCs?
Very nice to have a map of what the DLC are going to be, Imola is always good news.
Will each DLC be accompanied by update and fixes, or is that completely independent?
I imagine they will make fixes and patches to coincide with the pack releases. But I imagine they will come along just whenever it's necessary.
Before the avalanche of pre-1.0 DLC complaints come pouring in, remember that the base LMU was always the 2023 season only. It would make sense that additional cars/tracks would be paid. I get not wanting to see paid content prior to 1.0 completion, but I think we would all need to have a better understanding of how development is siloed within S397 to make bold statements one way or another.

If they have content teams that work on tracks and cars that do not have many functions that overlap with the remaining base game completion, I don't think it's worth flipping the table over or getting worked up about. If they are pulling devs off of base game completion to work on paid DLC content prior to getting out of EA then that's another story.
Yeah you could accuse them of that. I wouldn't believe it personally.

They could just quite as easily wait until every Hypercar, GT3 and track were ready and release them all in one big lump.

But I think most people would prefer to get Imola and not have to wait for the other three tracks to get made so they're not having to wait like, six months.
I love the way RF2 feels and I'm one of the few who likes how it looks, for some reason it has a realistic look to my eyes. I am also a Le Mans fanatic but I'm going to pass on LMU,

I'm not a hater, it's just not a business model that suits me personally. I hope all who dive in get a tonne of fun out of it (I have no doubt they will!) but I will have to miss out on the party.

I won't be here moaning every update but I don't think I'm alone in being a bit gutted!
34" monitor with TrackIR working .... OK
TrackIR not working yet= LMU on disk for nothing and remaining unplayed.

NO DLC for me before the TrackIR problem is solved.

I like Dire Straits Money for nothing but not LMU one.....
Moreover I don't understand why Steam allows paid DLCs for an Early Access .... 1st solve important problems, release V1.0 and LMU can speak of paid DLCs which I surely should buy then.
Its an interesting business move to sell a paid addition to a product when said product is still labeled "Unfinished". This is motorsport games we are talking about in the year 2024 on the planet earth so none of this comes as a suprise. Pretty soon we will all be subject to iracing style pricing/licensing/ownership no matter what the title is. DLC becomes more frequent and in smaller sample sizes, in a few years all devs will start releasing piecemeal, mark my words.
But thats what happens when you design a "sim" in the hopes of supporting a singular esport event.
I'm certainly on board. Paid for dlcs of different sims in the past which have been named V1.0...and they were partly in a way worse condition especially when it came to the driving experience. It seems it has been forgotten in this deptm here :p

Not a fan of Imola but the other 3 new tracks should be great. Bring it on S397.
Oh so the Early Access is over and we can finally judge the product on its current merit ? Right, right ? Skkrskktsss... Huh ? Someone is telling me they are so greedy they are selling DLC during the EA while ignoring most major issues and even leaving errors and warnings in the trace log files that the end client can see ? Geesh for something like that my manager would bring me to HR for lack of competency.

Also when will the camera be freely adjustable so that I can potentially use the upcoming paid content ? Still can't drive the "free" BMW we got because of that, issue was mentioned since release in Feb for other cars and got fixed and unfixed several times since.
It was a mistake to buy this thing....
Unfortunately missed the two weeks period (was under 2h, refund refused).

Game is in EA and now they push already DLCs?
Sorry, thats not the way.
How about to "fill the game with content" but not with DLCs?
Here is a tip for you: don't buy anything if you don't feel like it or aren't 100 % sure. It's been communicated very clearly what you get in EA and what not. And here is another tip for you: you will be getting additional content for free to be able to race for free against people who own payed DLC cars. And last but not least: they have been selling the game for half the price of a AAA title so far so you are expecting them to gift you more for free and live from thin air?

People who are seeing this as greedy business really have lost their mind and I can only wish them to work for free aswell and see how much fun it is.
Last edited:
LMU does one thing very well.

It shows just how average the average PC user is .... ( shrugs)

They could not run a chook raffle to save themselves, instead will the blame the chooks :x3:

Chook raffle is an Australian tradition of "raffling off", often in clubs or pubs, a "chook", which is an Australian slang term for a chicken.

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