Le Mans Ultimate - Sebring, Corvette and Cadillac Previewed, Roadmap Expected OT
Images: Motorsport Games

Le Mans Ultimate: Sebring, Corvette and Cadillac Previewed, Roadmap Expected Soon

Le Mans Ultimate

Following the recent early access trailer, further Le Mans Ultimate images have been released, while the official Discord has revealed additional details.

As we edge closer to the early access release of Le Mans Ultimate, a torrent of information is charging towards us faster than a Ferrari 499P down the Mulsanne.

Today, 8th February 2024, the title’s social media channels released the first images of the Sebring circuit.

Le Mans Ultimate Sebring Lexus Building

The Floridian venue, primarily known for bumpy endurance events, was briefly shown in last week’s gameplay trailer – but blink and you’ll miss it.

Now we know some of the finer details about the replication seen in the official 24 Hours of Le Mans and FIA World Endurance Championship title.

Seemingly based on the representation seen in rFactor 2 and then updated, according to Motorsport Games it now features new advertising boards, trackside buildings and a general visual ‘lift’ for LMU. Dynamic time of day and weather systems are in play.

Sebring specifically will see the pitlane used by the WEC series, along the Ulmann Straight, as opposed to that used by IMSA in between Sunset Bend and Turn One.

Le Mans Ultimate Sebring Pitlane entry

Corvette GTE And Cadillac V-Series.R Showcased

Another content piece only (very) briefly seen prior is the Chevrolet Corvette GTE, but now we can see (stills at least) the mid-engine C8.R placed at Sebring – a track where the team was victorious last season.

The Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin and Chevrolet in Le Mans Ultimate are not completely rebuilt (unlike the Vanwall and Oreca 07 LMP2), but rather take existing rFactor 2 models and update them to fit in with the new title’s content roster.

Le Mans Ultimate Sebring Chevrolet Corvette 2023 GTE

Something that is all-new, however, for the upcoming sim racing platform is the Cadillac V-Series.R that runs in both IMSA and WEC championships.

The LMDh (GTP in IMSA) vehicle is known for its sonorous V8 engine sound, paired incongruously with near-silent electric low-speed running – the switch between two propulsion methods replicated here unlike in some contemporary virtual rival titles.

These images showcase the exterior’s front for the first time. As the thundering prototype has previously featured in several racing games and sim platforms, its looks are no surprise and as with the other cars featured so far, the recreation appears to be authentic.

Le Mans Ultimate Cadillac V-Series.R

A Cadillac gameplay video is expected to be released tomorrow, 9th February 2024.

Roadmap, Triple Screens And Damage Modelling

As the official Discord for the title is now live, Motorsport Games team members have been replying to community questions.

While we knew that virtual reality would not be supported on early access launch day, we were unable to seek clarification about triple screens last week.

However, Will Bennett, Licencing Manager, has now confirmed that this feature will be supported on the 20th February, while Senior Video Editor Cameron McMillan has teased ultrawide gameplay as looking ‘awesome’.

A roadmap of planned post-launch support during the early access period is also to be expected, thanks to VP of Competition, Ben Rossiter-Turner: “…there will be something before release, I’m sure.”

Le Mans Ultimate Sebring Track

While a new system for cars to accrue dirt over race distances has been implemented, the damage system will remain similar to rFactor 2’s (at least initially) and also analogous to the lionised sim platform, tyre warm-up procedures will be pivotal to avoid flat spots.

How is Le Mans Ultimate shaping up for you as we near the early access release? Let us know in the comments below or on X, @OverTake_gg.