Dom Duhan releases Le Mans Ultimate information in developer Q&A
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Le Mans Ultimate: Studio Head Hints at Content & Feature

Last week, Head of Studio 397 Dom Duhan let information slip about development for Le Mans Ultimate in a developer Q&A. Hinting at content and features, the post also featured screenshots of the game’s UI.

Now in September, we expect Le Mans Ultimate to release in less than four short months. With that in mind, it’s time the community discovered more details about the game.

As luck would have it, a developer Q&A released to the Le Mans Ultimate website late last week with Dom Duhan, Head of Studio 397. Chatting about the strides in development the team is making as well as features fans can expect in the sim, the post is plentiful. But perhaps the most interesting slice of gossip to emerge from the blog are screenshots of the in-game UI.

Le Mans Ultimate UI

Indeed, the game will reportedly be something of an rFactor 2 reskin. This is a game that, throughout its decade-long existence, has infuriated users with its poor interface. But surprisingly enough, one may argue that the screenshots reveal a very polished product that appears easy to navigate, even with a controller.

The post also reveals the car and track selection screens, both of which seem pleasing to the eye. In addition, it looks like the co-op endurance race mode will be an easy-to-understand experience. The setup tweaks look easy to grasp, although we are yet to see the full setup screen.

Finally, one of the screenshots reveals a championship main menu. Whilst the page is certainly a very nice screen to look at, it is the ‘Continue Round’ button that catches the eye. Seemingly, mid-event saving will be possible in LMU. As yet, we do not know if this will include mid-race saves but being able to turn off one’s PC between qualifying and the race is a great start that not every title offers.

How to race in LMU

Alongside the screenshots, Duhan’s Q&A also revealed plenty of information about the various game modes one can expect for Le Mans Ultimate at launch. Indeed, it seems the game will be very involved for both the single player and online racer with lots to do.

Upon the game’s reveal, we learnt that it would feature a Race Control mode akin to that in rFactor 2. Essentially an online racing hub, this area will allow racers to organise and take part in their own private events. With organised daily racing and ranking, it will also go some way to challenge the likes of Low Fuel Motorsport or iRacing. So-called Special Events will equally be accessible in this online portal. Expect online endurance races such as the Le Mans 24 to once again be accessible to all.

The Co-op mode in Le Mans Ultimate may well prove popular
The Co-op mode in Le Mans Ultimate may well prove popular – Image credit: Motorsport Games

It is certainly good to know that the game will feature a collection of online racing modes. But this is to be expected in the current age of sim racing. Stepping away from normality however is what appears to be a push to satisfy the casual offline racer. Quick races and championships will both be present. The developers are also seemingly working on providing immersion during the longer events.

Indeed, the AI looks like it will play a big part in the experience. Players will be able to choose whether they want to run a full race by themselves or employ AI teammates. In the latter case, the game will simulate each stint should the player choose. Allowing fans to run immersive 24-hour races offline, this is certainly something to get excited about.

Post-launch support

Ever since the title’s reveal, Motorsport Games has been very clear about its long-term support of the project. Indeed, LMU will not be a yearly release, instead following the Assetto Corsa Competizione example. As a result, one can expect a succession of DLC packs next year.

In fact, the game’s social media pages have already hinted at the first update fans of the WEC can expect next year. Following the release of several pictures of the Alpine A424 testing at Paul Ricard, the title’s Twitter page posted said images whilst mentioning that it will feature in the game in 2024. It seems then that MSG is keeping to its promise of supporting the title throughout the current golden era of sportscar racing.

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