Get to know OverTake's special Twitch Stream Team

Get to know OverTake’s special Twitch Stream Team

Entertaining, skilled and with a huge passion for fast cars: Meet OverTake’s Stream Team.

Photo credit: OverTake

We announced our new OverTake Stream Team in November. Four of the most vibrant esports racing content creators will entertain you each Wednesday on Twitch. Every racer has their own favorite games and approaches when it comes to streaming. Depending on what type of content you prefer, you can mark your calendars and get ready for some top entertainment. All streams will be aired on OverTake’s official Twitch channel.

The next streams that are waiting for you:

DateStream Team HeroTime
09.12Emily Jones11am CET
16.12Fragstube7pm CET
23.12HokiHoshi4pm CET
30.12Beau Albert9pm CET
06.01Fragstube7pm CET
13.01Emily Jones11am CET
20.01HokiHoshi4pm CET
27.01Beau Albert9pm CET

Don’t know our heroes yet? No worries, we asked them some questions, so you get to know them a bit better before tuning in to our weekly stream.

Fragstube: An FPS-pro tackling the F1 2020 challenges

Maximilian 'Fragstube' Witt

Name: Maximilian ‘Fragstube’ Witt
Game: F1 2020
Twitter: @fragstube

Precision, strategy and keeping a steady hand are part of Fragstube’s daily routine. The German is a CS:GO veteran and now aims to utilize his skills to take over the career mode in F1 2020. If you want to accompany him on his journey, mark your calendar for his special OverTake streams.

What fascinates you most about racing, virtually as well as in real-life?
What fascinates me the most is the factor that it is a sport where you have to become one with a machine (car or PC/console). You have to be able to trust your team and the technology. In addition, you always have to push it to the limit and a split second matters more than it does anywhere else.

Who is your biggest idol?
I guess it is and has always been Michael Schumacher. He worked extremely hard for his success, inside and outside the cockpit. It gives me hope that if you really work hard, you will be able to reach your goals.

What is a fun fact about you that nobody else knows?
Even though I love racing and speed, I hate flying in airplanes. The fact that I can’t control it makes me sick.

What does it mean to you to be a part of our Stream Team format?
I love being a part of the OverTake Stream Team! Coming from a FPS-Genre, it gives me the chance to focus more on my second passion, which is racing. Hopefully, I can reach more people and get them interested in (sim)racing and show them that even beginners like me can find their place on the grid.

Emily Jones: Only practice makes perfect in iRacing

Emily Jones

Name: Emily Jones
Games: iRacing, GT Sport
Twitter: @emree_ree

You might be a fast sim racer, but Emily Jones is faster. The Australian Twitch streamer and PESC All-Star race winner has a proficiency in iRacing and GT Sport and will showcase her skills in ranked races for Stream Team. If you want to learn a trick or two and also get entertained from down-under, tune in to her streaming sessions.

What fascinates you most about racing, virtually as well as in real-life?
I love the chess game of racing against other people. Trying to think of their next moves and planning yours around them – attacking and defending, working their weaknesses. I find it fascinating and it’s exactly the same in virtual racing as in real life.

Who is your biggest idol or inspiration?
My parents and family! Their dedication and love inspires me a huge amount.
In racing, I think Daniel Ricciardo is my idol. The way he deals with stress and just cops it when he makes a mistake. I look up to that a lot.

What is a fun fact about you that nobody else knows?
I used to play drums as well as karting when I was a kid. I think my parents were pretty annoyed about me just picking the loud hobbies all the time. I also used to be big into acting and dancing as a kid, though I don’t really do it anymore.

What does it mean to you to be a part of our Stream Team format?
It’s great to be streaming in different environments for different people. Normally streaming is such a solo activity (apart from chat, of course) and sometimes streamers don’t interact with each other a huge amount. It’s great to be with a team of other racing streamers!

HokiHoshi: Drifting towards breaking world records

Robert "HokiHoshi" Weinmann

Name: Robert “HokiHoshi” Weinmann
Games: Forza Horizon 4, Art of Rally
YouTube: HokiHoshi

HokiHoshi is a well-known YouTuber in the racing game scene. The car lover has a special passion for the Japanese drifting scene, Forza Horizon – and the ambition to break world records in Art of Rally. So, make sure to tune into his live-streams to learn about modding, or witness him establishing a new record!

What fascinates you most about racing, virtually as well as in real-life?
For me it’s all about the cars themselves: the sounds, the looks and style, and the incredible engineering that goes into motorsports these days. Racing is so diverse as well! There’s rally, GT, F1, drifting, NASCAR, the list goes on and on and if you ever feel bored of one style, there’s always another racing genre to get excited about!

Who is your biggest idol?
I grew up watching the old Cosmos TV series with Carl Sagan. Not only did that spark my love of all things space – Carl Sagan himself had such a great, positive outlook on life that has always resonated with me. When speaking, he was calm, educational and always a bit goofy and I try to match that on some level in all of my own content.

What is a fun fact about you that nobody else knows?
I have recently become entirely addicted to Kendamas!

What does it mean to you to be a part of our Stream Team format?
Racing is such a diverse sport and everyone has their own window into the racing lifestyle, so being able to share my own view and learn about everyone else’s in a live environment is such a great experience.

Beau Albert: Competing, commentating and increasing the iRating

Beau Albert

Name: Beau Albert
Game: iRacing
Twitter: @BeauAlbert06

If you want to learn more about sim racing, Beau Albert knows what he’s talking about. Literally: the Australian not only is a strong competitor himself, he also worked as a commentator for various iRacing broadcasts. So tune into his streams if you want to improve your iRating and get taught by the Nordschleife specialist.

What fascinates you most about racing, virtually as well as in real-life?
It’s hard to truly pinpoint what exactly it is, but since I was little I have always gravitated towards it! I love skill-sports where performance isn’t dictated by genetics or physical capabilities, but rather how much time and effort people have put in to perfect their craft. Sim racing and real racing is all about technique and evolving to the situation going on, and I find that fantastic!

Who is your biggest idol?
My biggest idol would have to be Sébastien Loeb. The most impressive thing about him is his ability to jump into any car and track, in any series and be competitive. He has done just about everything and been successful in all of it too! He rarely made mistakes and did not have a noticeable weakness. It is very impressive and he has inspired me to try multiple different disciplines in sim racing and not just stick to one thing. He is a big reason why I try to focus on all categories in iRacing, not just the Road and Dirt-Road categories. Variety is the spice of life!

What is a fun fact about you that nobody else knows?
In primary school everybody used to talk about them going overseas’ and having fun holidays, and I felt left out as I had never even left my state. So I decided, bear in mind I was maybe 7 years old; that I went to Tokyo, Japan just for the weekend because I thought that was how long most people went overseas for. Safe to say that was not my brightest decision to lie about something like that but I never admitted it was a lie to anybody even if all the school teachers were extremely suspicious of me.

What does it mean to you to be a part of our Stream Team format?
I think it is a fantastic opportunity to help show another side of the sim racing world to the OverTake audience. All four of us on the Stream Team come from very different backgrounds and have different perspectives on sim racing and the racing world! I’m super excited to bring my point of view from a World Championship competitor to the table and interact with everybody in chat and have some brilliant on-track battles too. A huge thank you to everyone at OverTake for the opportunity, now let’s go shred some tires!

Want to know more about our Stream Team? Then check out their streams or let us know on Twitter at @overtake_gg!