A red racing car with eyes in the windscreen and a mouth on the front bumper.
Image credit: Psyonix

Lightning McQueen Added to Rocket League

The ‘SocCar’ game has featured many famous movie cars like the DeLorean, James Bond cars and various Batmobiles. Now the protagonist of the Cars franchise is racing to the Rocket League pitch!

Mere minutes into the first Cars movie released in 2006, we all heard that soon-to-be synonymous phrase, “Ka-chow!”. A legend was instilled into our hearts. Lightning McQueen is the anthropomorphic stock car that is the main protagonist of the Cars franchise.

Starting out as a hot-headed rookie, he goes on to win seven Piston Cup championships. Not only were there films but also a few very high quality games released after the first Cars movie. But now, for those who love the 95, you can now drive as him in Rocket League.

Lightning McQueen in Rocket League

The Lightning McQueen Mega Bundle will feature not just the car body of the character, but three sets of decals and a unique goal explosion. Firstly, along with the typical red Rust-eze Decal, there is also the Cruisin’ Decal from the first movie with no sponsors, whitewall tyres and the simple singular lightning bolt.

Finally for decals, there is the blue Dinoco Decal. The colour scheme McQueen imagines himself in as he aspires to sign with the most prominent sponsor of the Piston Cup. It may be a good idea to run the Rust-eze Decal when on the orange side in an online match, and Dinoco for blue. So you remember which colour goal to send the ball towards.

A blue racecar with eyes in the windscreen and a mouth on the bumper
Equip three different types of decal as McQueen in Rocket League. Image credit: Psyonix

Speaking of goals, you can also have the goal explosion feature McQueen’s signature “Ka-chow!” and even have your goal celebratory anthem be ‘Life is a Highway’. That being the iconic song by Rascal Flatts that was used in the first movie.

To show your Cars fanaticism even more, you can have a Lightning McQueen player banner. Additionally, there is the very unique detail that the McQueen car body features dynamic expressions! Lightning will look around the pitch while you cruise the Arena, then narrow his eyes in focus as you approach supersonic speeds.

The Lightning McQueen Mega Bundle is available from 7-21 November, so get it whilst you can!

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