Liveticker: Opening Night Live & gamescom 2020 Thursday

Liveticker: Opening Night Live & gamescom 2020 Thursday

Follow all happenings around esports racing at gamescom and Opening Night Live in our liveticker.

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10:00 PM CEST – It’s a wrap!

Seven minutes of gameplay demo from Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart round out the evening.

We have seen a vast amount of content and multiple new trailers and announcements today. If you want to watch Opening Night Live again, you can find the VOD on thegameawards’ YouTube channel.

This evening was just the beginning of gamescom 2020. There are three more days full of games coming up. We hope we see more of Radical Relocation, DIRT 5 and possibly other racing games.

If you don’t want to miss any news on racing games during gamescom 2020, keep on visiting

That’s it for tonight. See you tomorrow!

9:45 PM CEST – Destiny 2 and the last award of the night

Another highly anticipated game finds its way on our screens: Destiny 2 – Beyond Light. An epic cinematic trailer shows some combat action.

Afterwards, the last gamescom award of the night is awarded. The prize for “Best PlayStation Game” goes to Cyberpunk 2077 by CD Project Red.

More gamescom awards will be given out during the gamescom: Best Of Show on Sunday. This is also when we get to know which game will win “Best Racing Game”. Nominated in this category are DIRT 5 (Codemasters), Project Cars 3 (Bandai Namco Entertainment) and Radical Relocation (Iceberg Interactive). Project Cars 3 also has the chance to win the prize of “Best Simulation”. Find out more about gamescom awards in our article:


9:30 PM CEST – Fall Guys and a virtual reality blockbuster

One of the highlights of this Opening Night Live is the first look at Fall Guys: Season 2. The sneak peek shows us there will be more stages and styles for your character coming into the game.

The first big virtual reality game of the night is Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond. A gameplay preview gives a first idea of the game, in which you play an American soldier during World War II. We get to see how the shooter looks like from the players’ perspective.

9:20 PM CEST – Short Project Cars 3 trailer gives no new information

A very short trailer teases Project Cars 3. However, there are no further announcements for more content. It seems like the trailer was just supposed to be a friendly reminder of the game which hits the market tomorrow, on August 28. If you want to know more about Project Cars 3, check out our review in which we put the game to the acid test:

After that, Tell Me Why gets the gamescom award as “Best Microsoft Xbox Game”.

9:15 PM CEST – More Star Wars and a very strange game reveal

Time for some more Star Wars! A world premiere trailer shows us more of Lego Star Wars – The Skywalker Saga which hits the market in Spring 2021.

We then get to know Struggling, a crazy level puzzler in which players control Troy, a very strange fleshly creature, through ever crazier levels. If you want to have a look at this game, you can already download and play it tonight.

9:10 PM CEST – Second half is underway

Warframe – Heart of Deimos and Override 2 – Super Mech League kick off the second half of Opening Night Live with some more gameplay trailers.

After that, host Geoff Keighley presents a new trailer for the remake of Mafia as well as the world premiere of a round-based first-person-shooter called Lemnis Gate.

9:00 PM CEST – Waiting for more racing games

Opening Night Live started great for us racing game fans with the announcements of Team Fordzilla Project P1 Model and the new DIRT 5 game mode Playgrounds during the pre-show.


However, we are still waiting for a big reveal during the main show. But as we all know, the real highlights will be shown at the end. So, let’s hope for more racing content.

Meanwhile, the show has presented us trailers for Crash Bandicoot 4, Outriders and a new Superkickers game called Captain Tsubasa – Rise of new Champions, which is available tomorrow.

After that, we’ve seen trailers for Necromunda – Underhive Wars and an indie game called Teardown, in which the players can destroy every object in the game.

Also, Star Wars gets some screen time, showing a gameplay trailer of the new game Squadrons and the introduction of a new Sims 4 expansion from a galaxy far far away, called Journey to Batuu.

8:55 PM CEST – More gamescom awards

Four more gamescom awards find a new home. These are the winners:

  • Best Action Adventure Game: Watch Dogs Legion
  • Best Action Game: Star Wars Squadrons
  • Best Multiplayer Game: Operation: Tango
  • Best Indie Game: Curious Expedition 2

8:45 PM CEST – Epic fantasy action

An epic comic trailer gives World of Warcraft fans a taste of the new expansion Shadowlands. Developer Blizzard also shares some gameplay with the viewers.

After that, Geoff Keighley announces the arrival of a new fantasy game franchise which is accompanied by a trailer: Warhammer Age of Sigmar – Storm Ground is set to be released in 2021.

8:30 PM CEST – Smaller announcements and first award

After all those big games, it is time for some smaller announcements. We see Dr. Emmett Brown introducing the arrival of Surgeon Simulator 2, and the announcement of a new comic-like Walking Dead game called Bridge Constructor.

Geoff Keighley reveals a new Sam & Max game is in development and the first gamescom award of the night finds its winner: Little Nightmares 2 is “Best Nintendo Switch Game”.

8:20 PM CEST – Blockbuster games open the show

The show kicks off with several blockbuster games. After the new Call of Duty, Geoff Keighley presents Unknown 9 – Awakening, an action adventure game from Reflective Entertainment.

Following the world premiere is a trailer for Doom Eternal – The Ancient Gods Part One which hits the market on October 20, 2020.

8:00 PM CEST – Opening Night Live begins

Geoff Keighley welcomes the viewers to Opening Night Live. The first game featured in the broadcast is Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

7:58 PM CEST – New DIRT 5 map editor feature revealed!

And yet another racing announcement before the main event! Codemasters’ off-road racer DIRT 5 will include a map editor feature called Playgrounds, as a gameplay trailer reveals.

The feature also includes the arrival of three game modes:

  • Smash Attack: Create mazes and treasure hunts for your friends to solve
  • Gate Crasher: Set up tracks to determine the fastest racer in time trials
  • Gymkhana: Players have to achieve the most trick points with stunts and performances

OverTake already had the chance to take a look at the new feature and game modes. Find our game preview linked below.


7:55 PM CEST – Ford reveals Team Fordzilla Project P1 Model car

The first racing announcement! During Opening Night Live’s preshow, Ford presents the Team Fordzilla Project P1 Model – a car designed by Ford “especially for gamers”. A trailer then presented the futuristic GT car racing on a digital racetrack. But the vehicle will not only come to the virtual asphalt.

Amko Leenarts, Design Director of Ford Europe, announces a real-world version of the car is also about to be produced. More information has not been shared yet, but we are excited to hear more about the model during gamescom 2020.

7:50 PM CEST – Which games will we see?

Ten minutes until Opening Night Live kicks off gamescom 2020. Some games we are about to see have already been confirmed before the event. Here is a list of all games which we know are part Opening Night Live:

  • Ratchet & Clank: A Rift Apart
  • Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War
  • Destiny 2
  • Mafia Definitive Edition
  • Fall Guys: Season 2
  • Star Wars Squadrons

But of course, a lot of rumors float around within the community. Many fans expect to hear more about DIRT 5, which hits the market in October 2020. Also, fans are hoping to get further details on Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo 7. However, these hopes seem less likely to be fulfilled.

7:20 PM CEST – What is digital gamescom 2020? Where can I watch Opening Night Live?

If you do not know what the digital gamescom is and where you can watch it, don’t worry! We already released several articles explaining everything you need to know about the fair and Opening Night Live 2020.



Expectations for both events are high. Everyone is hoping to see announcements and more details about their favorite games. That’s why we reached out to several big personalities of the esports racing scene – including Tom Deacon, Jardier and James Baldwin – to find out what they hope and expect from the digital event. We also gathered wishes from our editorial team, producing some very surprising statements. Find the articles linked below.



7:00 PM CEST – Four days of gamescom coverage at OverTake

It’s finally time for gamescom 2020. At 8 PM CEST, Opening Night Live will kick off the fair, which is being held entirely digitally this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. OverTake will provide extensive coverage of gamescom throughout the entire weekend. With our liveticker, you will not miss any news about esports racing.

Opening Night Live’s host and producer Geoff Keighley teased that more than 35 games will be featured in the two-hour live show. We expect additional gameplay for titles already announced throughout the year as well as brand-new announcements. Rumor has it there will also be updates about the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox One Series X consoles.

Follow our live ticker to be sure not to miss any big announcements of the evening!

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