Low Fuel Motorsport Drops rFactor 2 Support
Images: Motorsport Games/Studio 397/rFactor 2

Low Fuel Motorsport Drops rFactor 2 Support 

rFactor 2

A little over a year since the ranked sim racing platform launched rFactor 2 services, they are now shuttered. 

You can no longer race with rFactor 2 on Low Fuel Motorsport, as of Friday 22nd December the service has shuttered its support. 

Boris Schalk’s LFM is an independent platform that has created its own ranking system, providing close and competitive racing for titles without such native matchmaking features. A combination of classes (starting in rookie) Elo rating and safety rating determine who you race against. 

Predominantly known for its support of Assetto Corsa Competizione, it added rFactor 2 in October 2022. 

Back then, the Studio 397-created PC simulation required you to own all the DLC used on a server, however, this requirement was removed in February 2023. 

rFactor 2 Formula E LFM Low Fuel Motorsport
Images: Motorsport Games/Studio 397/rFactor 2

“It has been a wild ride in 2023 with rFactor 2 on our platform,” reads the LFM statement

“At the beginning, we had full servers, a pretty good working NLS Series and tons of fun with all of you guys. 

“Unfortunately, the popularity of our rFactor 2 service has decreased a lot until the end of this year. The manpower, resources and of course, money we would have to invest to keep it running for just a few people enjoying it is just too much. The decision was not easy, but we had to decide where we needed our limited resources the most. 

“For this reason, we decided to shut down our rFactor 2 service at the end of the season. We want to thank you everybody for the time you spent here, for the races you did, and for the fun you had here!” 

We thought LFM provided a fresh impetus to fire up rFactor 2, especially with its varied selection of cars and tracks, some of which were rarely seen elsewhere. 

rFactor 2 LFM Low Fuel Motorsport Vanwall
Images: Motorsport Games/Studio 397/rFactor 2

rFactor 2 Online Pushes Ahead

In October, Motorsport Games launched its RaceControl system, debuting as rFactor 2 Online. This brought a direct ranked multiplayer system, with daily races, special events, server hosting, safety ratings, driver ratings and stats. 

According to Steam Charts, the venerable title nearly reached all-time high player numbers soon after the feature’s launch in November 2023. 

Meanwhile, LFM launched its service for the original Assetto Corsa earlier this month, a platform that continues to be popular on PC thanks partly to a strong modding scene. 

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