New Mario Kart announced – featuring augmented reality

New Mario Kart announced – featuring augmented reality

Racing in the middle of the living room? [i]Mario Kart Live: Home Circuits[i] for Nintendo Switch comes with toy karts and augmented reality.

Photo credit: Nintendo

Have you ever dreamed of constructing a Rainbow Road in your living room? You will soon be able to do so! On Thursday, Nintendo announced a new Mario Kart for their console Nintendo Switch as part of their Super Mario 35th Anniversary.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuits will be released on October 16 and is an augmented reality game where players can build circuits in their home and race with real kart toys. The Switch controllers are used to steer the remote-controlled toy vehicles. With the karts’ on-board cameras, the racecourse gets displayed on the TV or Switch screen.

Activated items in-game affect the real-life kart. When using a Mushroom as power-up, the kart will have a small burst of speed. If the driver gets hit by a shell in-game, the kart will stop moving for that time.

The new game comes in two different boxes, one for Mario fans and one for Luigi supporters. There is no information yet whether the karts of other characters will be available in the future. Both editions will be sold for $99.99 each and can be pre-ordered at the official Nintendo store. The pack includes 1 Mario Kart, 2 arrow markers and 4 gates, among other things. The gates are an important feature since they are used to create the custom course layout.

Mario Kart pack
All the items that come with the new Mario Kart pack. Image source: Nintendo

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