McLaren and Veloce Esports seal partnership deal

McLaren and Veloce Esports seal partnership deal

McLaren has announced its new partnership with Veloce Esports.

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The esports market seems to have a new power couple. McLaren and Veloce Esports team up to further the future of both brands in the world of esports, as per press release.
Veloce Esports will mainly be responsible for the management of the McLaren esports team.

Additionally to said duties, Veloce will help McLaren build an esport academy to garner and develop young talent. The official press release reads:

McLaren and Veloce will work together to create an academy for the world’s most promising racing gamers and establish a ‘staircase of talent’ – with the ultimate goal being a seat in the McLaren esports team. By joining forces, the partnership promises to become a leading light in this burgeoning industry.

This is a great opportunity to merge the two racing scenes for both Veloce as well as McLaren and a leap forward for the acceptance of esports in the world of traditional racing fans.

The exact implementation of the partnership remains to be seen, but the announcement hints at a promising future.

Header image source: Twitter, Veloce Esport