An image of the Dream Team Series 2 powered by OverTake line-up.

Meet the Dream Team Series 2 Competitors

Assetto Corsa

Our second edition of the Dream Team Series powered by OverTake is finally upon us. But who are the competitors?

After our first running of the Dream Team Series on F1 2021 with four short races, the Dream Team Series is now back. This time, we’re running it on Assetto Corsa. All of the people competing will be tested in four different disciplines, taking advantage of the incredible modding scene within AC.

The season opener will premiere on our YouTube channel at 6pm European time tomorrow, 23 November. There are teams of two content creators (or “simfluencers”) and each one can invite a community member to compete in touring cars, drifting on a hillclimb, rallycross and a multi-class enduro.

Bwoah Racing Team

Drivers: Amos Laurito and HokiHoshi

Our first set of competitors are the Bwoah Racing Team, named after the noise that 2007 F1 world champion Kimi Räikkönen makes whenever he’s about to talk. Rather fittingly, the first driver on this team is part of Ferrari: Amos Laurito. Alongside his YouTube channel housing nearly 80k subscribers, he is also a driver for the Scuderia, having competed for them in their first season of F1 Esports.

Then there’s HokiHoshi, whose YouTube channel has just under 150k subscribers. The content they do focuses on pretty much anything to do with cars, for the most part on Forza Horizon 5 but also on the likes of Need for Speed and Assetto Corsa. Can Laurito and HokiHoshi get some decent results?


Drivers: rAii and LPN05

Not doing the German speaking world any favours over the claim that they just like having long and absurd words, this team’s name translates to ‘Impact Drill Racing’. They will certainly want to have an impact to justify the very long name, as both competitors will be flying the German flag high.

There’s Lukas aka ‘LetsPlayNoob05’ who can boast a mightily impressive near-300k subscribers, and is no stranger to us at OverTake. The content you can find on the LPN05 channel ranges from Need for Speed, Forza Horizon 5, BeamNG and so much more. As for his teammate, it’s rAii from DiePixelHelden which has 215k subscribers and does content on a huge variety of driving games.

Moist Teabag

Drivers: OC Racing and GamerMuscle

From a quintessential German name to an unmistakably British one. First up on the team is OC Racing, whose channel has just over 50k subscribers and produces content on high level sim racing games and reviews on hardware.

But of course, with the name Moist Teabag, it could realistically only be one person on this team who would ever decide on that name. Yes, it’s GamerMuscle! Everyone’s favourite tea-drinking Brit has 75k subscribers. He has made it his intention to do the whole competition with maximum force feedback as he wants to shed some pounds. Let’s hope it doesn’t impact too much on the results!

Baguette Racing Team

We’ve had German, we’ve had English, no points for guessing what this one’s nationality is. Why of course, this is our French contingent. The team is made up of Alpine esports ambassador and content creator AnastasiaLps aka AnaOnAir with nearly 30k followers on Twitch.

Paired up with Ana is her fellow Race Clutch/Alpine content creator Idreau with nearly 140k followers on Twitch. France is the country responsible for the creation of motor racing with the Paris to Rouen race in 1894, so the pressure is on Ana and Idreau to fly their national flag in this most important of competitions.

The Ricky Bobby’s

Drivers: SLAPtrain and coolkidfrmbx

“If you ain’t first, you’re last.” is the iconic quote from Will Ferrell’s title character from the NASCAR movie Talladega Nights. Naming your team after such a brash and competitive character can only mean you would carry that same attitude into the racing itself.

First up is SLAPTrain who has the biggest audience out of anyone in the DTS, with 2.22M subscribers on his YouTube channel. Slap makes content on all types of games such as Forza Horizon 5, Grand Theft Auto 5, Need for Speed, Gran Turismo 7 and more.

Then there’s the other Ricky Bobby in the form of coolkidfrmbx who has a YouTube channel with 565k subscribers, with videos on the likes of BeamNG, American Truck Simulator, Grand Theft Auto 5 and more.

Team Jarzuki

Drivers: Jardier and Dan Suzuki

Did we even need to clarify the team members here? Anyone could guess it would be them on the team name alone.

The ‘Jar’ part of Jarzuki is everyone’s favourite viking-looking, Czech sim racer Jaroslav ‘Jardier’ Honzik, who has nearly 100k subscribers on his YouTube channel where he makes videos about, and streams, all things sim racing. He’s also an accomplished competitive esports racer, being part of the YAS HEAT team and competing primarily on Assetto Corsa Competizione.

Then for the ‘zuki’ aspect of the name, it’s Dan Suzuki of course! The German streamer has just over 40k followers on Twitch and isn’t half bad at racing himself, having finished runner-up in the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports All-Stars championship in 2021. With their combined powers, can Jarzuki deliver the result?

Team OverTake

Drivers: Emily ‘Emree’ Jones, René Buttler, Jonas ‘ChampionJoe’ Schulz, Marvin Miller

You really think we wouldn’t have our own team? Especially with someone as accomplished and successful as our very own Emily Jones? OverTake’s resident Aussie has been doing video content with us for some time, but is also an immensely renowned sim racer, having won the Porsche TAG Heuer Esports All-Stars title in 2021 and competed in the Australian Supercars Eseries and VCO Esports Racing League.

Joining Emily are our other faces on the video team. René will join Emily for the first round but we may see some others competing later on! Emily will no doubt have to carry whoever races alongside her.

Head over to our YouTube channel at 6pm CET for the season opener!

Which team will be champions of the Dream Team Series powered by OverTake second season? Tell us on Twitter at @OverTake_gg or in the comments down below!

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