Career mode details announced for MotoGP 23
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MotoGP 23 Career Mode Set to Break the Mould

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We are just a few weeks away from the launch of MotoGP 23 and Milestone is teasing us all with game details like the career mode. Here’s all you need to know.

Bike racing fans rejoice as MotoGP 23 is just a few weeks away. Set to release on 8 June, Milestone is kicking the hype train into overdrive. The Italian developer has just unveiled details on the game’s career mode.

Seemingly set to provide fans of the sport with an excellent offline experience, the MotoGP 23 career mode looks promising. Here is all the information you need to know prior to launch next month.

MotoGP 23 Career, an RPG?

Based on details provided by Milestone, it seems the career mode in MotoGP 23 will almost resemble the campaign of a role-playing game. Throughout the offline experience, players must make decisions that will have ramifications throughout the rest of their play through.

Right from the get-go, after completing the final few races of a Moto3 season, the game will provide a selection of options as to what you want to do next. Will you stick to a second season in Moto3 and learn the basics? Can you handle the step-up to Moto2 and show what you’re made of? Or will you go all-out and try-out for a spot on the MotoGP grid?

Key decision-making moments like this will come up often throughout the Career Mode. Dubbed Turning Points, these could include contract negotiations or category participation choices. But be sure to make the right call as decisions you make here will influence how well your team develops your bike and how on-track rivals treat you. Yes, the AI will be somewhat interactive and variable based on your behaviour.

As well as the player, AI riders and teams will move around the grid. As you climb the ladder, you may recognise the same AI rider making similar moves to yourself. From team switches to category progression, this should provide a sense that the market is ever-changing. As it is in the real-world.

MotoGP 23 Features

Aside from the career mode, we also learnt about additional features coming to MotoGP 23. First up is the inclusion of two tracks that aren’t set to feature on this year’s calendar.

The Indian and Kazakh Grands Prix were set to make their MotoGP debuts in 2023. However, due to track homologation issues, this doesn’t seem possible. But, being a game, MotoGP 23 can feature the circuits without any safety risks. Bike racing fans will get to enjoy this pair of as yet unraced circuits before ever seeing them on TV.

Elsewhere, the career mode announcements came alongside the release of a video showing off the inclusivity of MotoGP 23. With countless rider aids, or Neural Aids as Milestone calls them, players of any background should be able to compete. The video entitled For Everyone shows a young fan, a content creator, a professional racer and an esports pro giving the game a try.

Each one of them trialled the handling model using differing difficulty levels and Neural Aid combinations. Impressively, they were all able to run laps with ease and compete against one another. With bike games often difficult to control for those that aren’t familiar with the intricacies of biking, this is certainly a good sign for the title’s release.

Editor’s Take

As a simracer that often tends to stick to the joys of offline racing, I’m glad Milestone is putting so much effort into the single player career mode. Both MotoGP 23 and F1 23 are set to release around a similar time this year so I’m excited to see which one pulls off a World Championship career mode best.

With multiple levels on the category ladder, I can see the MotoGP career mode being more fun to play on the long term.

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