Most Played Racing Games on Steam in December 2023 Automobilista 2 Le Mans

Most Played Racing Games On Steam In December 2023

The final month of the year tends to come with more spare time for many sim racers, and 2023 seemingly was no different. Here are the most played racing games on Steam in December 2023.

Note: While iRacing is available on Steam as well, its numbers are not representative as most players acces the sim through its own UI. As a result, its statistics are not included in this article.

Once again, the order at the top of the list remains largely unchanged. Only F1 23 has left its place in the top five, dropping down to seventh overall, behind SnowRunner and Need For Speed Heat. Like many titles, the latter two saw an increase in player numbers in December, likely in part due to the holidays.

The same is true for, which keeps its top spot with the most average players over the course of the month. However, the highest peak went to Forza Horizon 5, which still sits in second. Assetto Corsa stays on the final step of the podium, albeit with a healthy margin to the top two.

Looking at the percentage of average players gained, Automobilista 2 stands out as the most improved sim racing title. Despite the big Le Mans update only dropping on New Year’s Eve, the title had 44.34% more average players than back in November. The January 2024 numbers for AMS2 should be a good indicator for how many of these players have stuck around, then. The biggest improvement percentage of all games goes to Need For Speed Unbound at 47.91%.

Meanwhile, in its second month since release, EA Sports WRC has lost a considerable amount of players. The title may have seen the addition of the Central European Rally, but the update that introduced it also broke the Career Mode for many players. The ongoing issues with the title likely do not help player counts.

Steam: List Of Most Played Racing Games in December 2023

TitleAvg. PlayersPeakGain %
Forza Horizon 512,833.926,90743.83
Assetto Corsa9,670.819,22820.62
Forza Horizon 46,177.515,47521.88
Need for Speed Heat3,912.012,49330.06
F1 233,132.57,450-25.4
CarX Drift Racing Online2,594.74,80719.94
Assetto Corsa Competizione2,521.65,7264.93
My Summer Car2,095.24,45042.13
Need for Speed Unbound1,650.24,87747.91
MX Bikes1,559.92,79511.92
Dirt Rally 2.01,120.12,38217.45
EA Sports WRC958.31,941-23,72
F1 Manager 2023845.11,733-14.47
Asphalt 9 Legends837.01,80020.69
Need For Speed Payback761.11,895-25.22
Forza Motorsport717.51,185-25.53
Disney Speedstorm686.31,532-8.76
Automobilista 2639.32,54744.34
F1 22565.11,420-31.19
rFactor 2552.01,244-4.07
The Crew 2473.0833-8.01
WRC 7423.42,076-46.5
RIDE 4260.3670-8.32
Most Played Racing Games on Steam in December 2023 (cap at 250 avg. players; top values in bold)

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