Most Played Racing Games Steam September 2023
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Most Played Racing Games on Steam in September 2023

The popularity of racing games and simulations is hard to gauge, especially since they seem to vary considerably around the releases of new content, big updates or even influences of real-world events. What can be gauged, however, is cold, hard numbers – so we did just that for the most played racing games on Steam in September 2023.

Note: While iRacing is available on Steam as well, its numbers are not representative as most players acces the sim through its own UI. As a result, its statistics are not included in this article.

September 2023 shook things up quite a bit in the world of the most played racing games on Steam. The effect of upcoming releases could already be felt in some cases, and a substantial update catapulted a new title onto the throne. Tops List

After months of reigning supreme, Forza Horizon 5 is no longer running up front. Instead, has taken the lead after its most recent update. The game has added experimental VR support with v0.30 – as a result, player counts increased enough to snatch P1 from FH5.

Meanwhile, DiRT Rally 2.0 has seen a considerable influx of players again. This is likely due to the in-depth looks at its successor EA Sports WRC presented over the last few weeks. While the title will only release in early November, racers seem to be keen to get back on the stages.

Interestingly, Need for Speed Heat has jumped up the list with a remarkable increase of over 200% in average players. Its successor Need for Speed Unbound, on the other hand, took a marginal hit. That is while having nowhere near the average player count of the older game, though.

Check out the numbers of the most played racing games on Steam in September 2023 below!

Steam: Most Played Racing Games September 2023

TitleAvg. PlayersPeakGain %
Forza Horizon 51078824051-16,85
Assetto Corsa8263,2158463,95
Forza Horizon 44822,412346-14
Need for Speed Heat4187,210651213,68
F1 233257,981280,56
CarX Drift Racing Online2397,64400-0,01
Assetto Corsa Competizione2283,7640314,17
MX Bikes1703,333516,05
F1 Manager 202313802937-41,61
F1 2211342558-9,96
Need for Speed Unbound1034,52198-5,99
Dirt Rally 2.01031,3227524,09
My Summer Car998,12214-20,02
The Crew 2877,11558-23,09
Asphalt 9 Legends686,31383-0,82
F1 Manager 2022469928-33,38
rFactor 24049796,26
Automobilista 2379,8847-22,97
Disney Speedstorm376,76759350,75
F1 2021309,5674-12,63

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