MotoGP 20 is now available!

MotoGP 20 is now available!

Compete for the world championship and manage your own team! MotoGP 20 offers many challenges.

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Fans of Milestone’s MotoGP 19 didn’t even have to wait a full year for new content: the Italian developer released the next official game about the most popular motorcycle competition on April 23.

The game is available for Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, and Google Stadia. Its creators promise the most well-rounded game of the series yet.

Features upon features

The new MotoGP comes with a lot of improvements. Next to the improved graphics and physics, you will compete against even more realistic AI opponents. Milestone worked on the Artificial Neural Network Agent (A.N.N.A.), a machine-learning AI which can simulate human behavior more accurately.

This makes for even more exciting races that are supposed to be closer to reality. In general, realism is one of the key goals the developer tried to achieve.

In the new “Managerial Career” you get freedom of choice. Any decision you make will have an impact on your performance on track. For example, you can hire technical staff and research technologies, as well as score a contract with an already established team.

On top of that, you also have access to Graphic Editors. They allow you to customize almost any aspect in the game, from the style of your custom team to the design of your bike and rider.

Competition in MotoGP 20

If you are more into competing against human opponents, you can join matches online on dedicated servers. In collaboration with Amazon Web Services, Milestone wants to deliver the best online experience possible.

The release of the new instalment of the MotoGP series will also impact the World Championship whose preliminaries concluded in early April. The qualifiers were played on MotoGP 19, however, the season is going to continue on the latest iteration. It will be exciting to see which pros can adapt to the changes the fastest and maybe edge out a decisive advantage.

Photo credit: MotoGP 20, Milestone S.r.l.

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