MotoGP 20 release date revealed

MotoGP 20 release date revealed

Attention all motorbike fans! Developer Milestone srl finally announced the release date for the brad-new MotoGP 20. The game is going to hit the stores on April 23. The good news: Everybody will be able to play. The racing sim will come to all current gaming platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and Nintendo Switch.

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The new edition of the MotoGP series is going to be more challenging than ever before. The Italian studio is trying to make the game more complex by increasing the impact of all your decisions. The different game modes and challenges are designed to keep the game engaging for as long as possible, and to deliver content constantly, so you’ll never have to get off your bike.

New technology, new career, new riders

As usual, one of the most obvious improvements are the graphics and physics effects of MotoGP 20. Milestone claims to have reached a new level of realism with their game, thanks to multiple adjustments you can make to your bike, such as aerodynamics and electronics. Fuel management and asymmetrical tyres’ consumption are only two of numerous game mechanics designed to add to MotoGP’s immersion.

Also, the A.N.N.A. (Artificial Neural Network Agent), MotoGP’s famed machine-learning AI, is receiving a rework. Not only is the new Neural AI 2.0 closer to simulating real racer behaviour as ever before but it is also capable of strategically managing parameters such as tires and fuel consumption.

The Managerial Career lets you manage your team, including dedicated experts such as the Personal Manager, Chief Engineer, and Data Analyst, all of whom have an impact on your performance. In the Historic Mode, you can unlock historical bikes and riders, promising long-term motivation in MotoGP 20.

Speaking of realism: As the series is the official game of MotoGP, fans benefit from tons of licensed content. The official game features all MotoGP riders and even the lower leagues such as Moto2, making this the ultimate product for motorcycle racing fans.

It’s all about competition

Just like in MotoGP 19, the new part of the series is going to have Dedicated Servers to ensure the best possible multiplayer experience over the internet. Apart from public and private matches, you can host the Race Director Mode, in which players have unlimited freedom to come up with their own rules for races – an excellent tool to host your own leagues and tournaments.

By the way: MotoGP will make its comeback to the world of esports this year. The 2020 MotoGP eSport Championship will bring the best riders together and determine who’s going to take the crown in eight exciting races.

Photo credit: Milestone S.r.l.

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