MOZA Racing Expands Into Flight Sim Products

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Hardware manufacturer MOZA Racing teased new products, branching out to flight sim hardware. The yet-to-be-revealed gear will be showcased at Flight Sim Expo from June 21-23.

It is not just the car racing simulation crowd who are always looking for that extra step in immersing themselves - that is also typical of the flight sim community as well. Often you will not find much in the way of crossover between racing and flight sims, aside from the occasional airborne cars when there is a pile-up in a sim race.

But MOZA Racing are now the bridge over that divide between the two very different types of virtual pilots. This weekend at the Flight Sim Expo in Las Vegas, MOZA will be unveiling a range of products marking their entry into the world of virtual aviation.

From our car-centric point of view, the products appear to be a joystick in the middle, which controls the pitch and roll of the plane, pedals on the right which operate the side rudders for yaw, and on the left, the throttle is our best guess. If we have gotten any of these wrong, do feel free to correct us below.

MOZA: Simulation Variety Leader?​

MOZA have been on a roll in the past few months with their product releases. They have delivered a great number of car driving wheels, bases, pedals and more to keep the sim racing crowd happy. They have also gone an extra mile by creating driving sim products for karting and trucks. Those of you playing KartKraft, Euro Truck Simulator 2 or even the racing trucks on RaceRoom can immerse yourself in the action on the hardware side of things.

In fact the only area in racing simulation that is seemingly untapped by MOZA is motorcycle simulation hardware, but they could surprise us yet! Not getting ahead of ourselves of course, so back to flight sim.

With Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 set for a 19 November 2024 release date, there will be plenty for those in the flight sim community to look forward to. Jet fighters, air races, search & rescue, commercial flight, firefighting, so much that we imagine is leaving flight sim enthusiasts eager to get their hands on the game.

If you are tempted into getting into aviation simulation, maybe MOZA will be the manufacturer you land on. Besides, who knows? Maybe they will develop a racing wheel that could double up as a yoke control, and you will be able to use DAS like Mercedes did in the 2020 F1 season.

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FFB and haptic feedback (vibrations for machine guns, landing gears, missiles, cockpit closing, etc...) built-in would be an instant huge hit.
I thought the silhouette for the pedals was really interesting. There is no visible spring, or damper to return to center. I can't help but wonder if the rudder axis on those pedals has ffb
Oh wow, I really really hope this is no hoax... been waiting for a good FFB joystick for so long. Have put my name down for two custom-builders already, but "my" units have a lead time of 1 year and 2 years respectively. Not to say that I'd much prefer the support, warranty etc. of an established company as well.
If this comes true (and with good quality) it would be like birthday and christmas coming together :)

I just think the 9nm is a little bit low on power, especially when you use an extension for your joystick. But maybe they will release stronger bases if this one has good sales numbers :)
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All I want is all this hardware to work nice and smooth with Mechwarrior 5 and Squadrons... :D
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The rudder pedals look like a similar design to the Virpils.

Will be interesting to where the go on pricing for all of these.
There is so much to do - motorcycles, yachts, motorboats, tractors, submarines ... Moza, go!
A dedicated motorcycles controller will be awesome. It doesn't have to be the shape of handle bars. Something that can be controlled with one hand is what I'm looking for
I am looking very much for handlebars. Would totally reignite my interest in motorbike sims :inlove:
Handlebars as rotational axis and also a tilt-axis to control the lean angle - this does not even have to be in 1:1 scale, would be enough to be able to tilt the handlebars by 20° each side and upscale it to a virtual 60°.

Technically this isn't even unrealistic, you'd need two motors (same as for the FFB joystick), one to control the rotation and one to control the tilt. 5nm each should be plenty enough since you don't have the kind of forces of a (non-power steering) car. Should be doable for 1000-1500 bucks with the current technology.
For me this would be an instabuy but no idea if the market is big enough. You'd also need proper motorbike sims, that translate these two axises properly - current motorbike games like Ride 5 all have only one steering axis.

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