Moza Releases Updated R16 And R21 Wheel Bases
Image: Moza Racing

Moza Releases Updated R16 And R21 Wheel Bases

The evolution of Moza Racing’s sim racing line-up continues apace, with revisions hitting its current range-toppers. 

For those on PC, Moza Racing has been fettling with its existing R16 and R21 direct drive wheel bases, with new units claimed to include enhanced force feedback. 

But you’ll be hard-pressed to spot the difference. Both devices’ peak output remains the same, 16Nm for the R16 or 21Nm with the R21. Both use the same two-tone body design and both use the existing quick-release system. 

The upgrade from the existing R16 and R21 is what Moza labels as the ‘NextGen Force 2.0’ system. 

Moza Racing R21 wheel base, rear
Image: Moza Racing

Algorithm Changes 

This isn’t a significant internal mechanical change, but a revised version of the force feedback filtering algorithm. The maximum possible output remains unchanged, but in theory, the sensations fed back to the driver should carry greater nuance. 

I’ve previously tested the more affordable R12 by Moza, which was the first wheel base to implement the latest system. In that scenario, I found the feedback to offer greater detail than other Moza models, with noticeably more granularity. 

Now, however, it will be married to the higher-output bases for the first time. 

The changes are emblematic of a challenger brand, following a change late last year when ‘V2’ versions of certain wheels, such as the GS, were launched. The rate of change shown by the Chinese automotive and electronic outfit so far is rapid. 

Moza Racing R16 sim racing wheel base
Image: Moza Racing

The Peak Of Moza’s Range 

Aside from the revised force feedback algorithm, both devices remain connected to the Pit House software, use dual-mode (a wired conductive slip ring and simultaneously wireless) wheel connection and an aluminium body.

The latest versions are compatible with Moza’s front mounting bracket thanks to four holes (depicted above). Around the rear, there are now additional ports – for items such as pedals, shifters, handbrakes and external dashboards – helping the device stay current as the peripheral range expands.

Moza Racing R21 old vs new wheel base
Moza Racing R16/R21 – old (left) vs new (right). Image: Moza Racing

The R16 retails for $799/€869/£799 while the R21 is $999/€1,099/£999. All orders henceforth will be for the latest versions. 

2024 is also set to be an interesting year for those within the Moza Racing ecosystem, with a sequential shifter plus fresh truck and GT wheels on the way. 

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