Moza R12 wheel base and KS GT style wheel rim
Image credit: MOZA Racing

MOZA Unveils 12Nm Base and New GT Wheel

Suddenly arriving on the market a few years ago, MOZA is taking the sim racing market by storm. Today, the brand unveils its all-new 12Nm wheel base alongside a new GT-style wheel, the KS.

With a line-up ranging from the entry-level R5 to the wrist-snapping R21, MOZA has a large selection of Direct Drive wheel bases. Aiming to offer quality products for an affordable price meaning, the brand is establishing itself a reputable sim racing hardware manufacturer.

In their attempts to rival the top guns like Fanatec and Thrustmaster, MOZA is bringing a brand new 12Nm wheel base, the R12, to the market. Placing itself very firmly as a mid-range product for the new brand, the R12 is joined by a brand-new wheel rim. Here’s all you need to know about the two new products.

MOZA R12: a Mid-Range Wheel Base

Available now, the MOZA R12 is a brand new Direct Drive wheel base capable of putting out 12Nm of torque. This places it firmly in the middle of the brand’s line-up between the R9 and R16.

All you need to know about the new MOZA wheel base
All you need to know about the new MOZA wheel base – Image credit: MOZA racing

Like all of the company’s creations, the R12 features Direct Drive tech akin to that found in the R21. The company’s unique tri-segment rotor design and slanted pole mean the R12 does away with the ‘cogging’ sensation of many wheel bases. Furthermore, it should offer less vibration and ripple than conventional motors, according to MOZA.

At a more manageable torque level than the R21, the new wheel base sits in what many claim to be the sweet spot. By going with 12Nm for a wheel base, MOZA intends to offer a strong amount of feedback whilst retaining precision and crispness.

To ensure it lasts as long as one would hope, the R12 is built from aviation grade aluminium. This should mean that the base itself will last a long time and the motor won’t falter under the stress of a heavy design. Elsewhere, the R12 is said to manage its internal temperature very well thanks to the product’s control system. Hopefully then, one can complete entire 24-hour races without giving their base a breather.

The MOZA R12 and KS wheel are available to order now
The MOZA R12 and KS wheel are available to order now – Image credit: MOZA Racing

Finally, the MOZA R12 follow in the footsteps of its older siblings. Thanks to the Pit House Control Suite, it is yet another wildly customisable wheel base. One can tweak how the R12’s LEDs light up and dive into a game’s telemetry data in order to fine-tune the force feedback settings.

A New GT Wheel

Alongside the R12 comes the all-new MOZA KS GT style wheel rim. Unlike the brand’s GS GT style rim, the KS features a butterfly design, meaning the top of the wheel is cut away. This shape is perfect for those looking to mount a screen behind their wheel in true GT racer fashion.

However, with a vast collection of buttons, encoders, paddles and joysticks, one can race any car with this rim. In fact, a total of ten buttons join five rotary encoders and two joysticks. According to MOZA, this allows for over 70 programmable inputs. So you can no longer complain about a lack of mapping options.

The wheel itself is made of carbon fibre with rubber grips and features a set of ten LED shift lights. Capping off the ergonomic experience of this MOZA KS GT wheel is a pair of magnetic paddles. Surely the satisfying click after each shift will calm any pre-race nerves.

All you need to know about the new MOZA GT wheel rim
All you need to know about the new MOZA GT wheel rim – Image credit: MOZA Racing

How to Buy the MOZA R12

Announced today, the MOZA R12 wheel base and KS GT wheel are available to order now. Simply visit the MOZA website and find the new products on their store.

The new Direct Drive wheel base comes in at 649€ ($589/£589) placing it just above the 8Nm Fanatec DD Pro and alongside the 10Nm Thrustmaster T818. It seems the new MOZA model thrashes the opposition when it comes to power per pound.

As for the KS wheel, the new GT rim will hit the market at 309€ ($279/£279). That gives you a carbon fibre wheel with plenty of customisation possibilities and a quick release system compatible with any MOZA wheel base.

Editor’s Take

Traditionally a Thrustmaster user, MOZA has been catching my attention in recent months for its seemingly great value for money. Providing a 12Nm direct drive wheel for under 700€ certainly isn’t tarnishing that interest.

Much like every other wheel the brand puts out, the KS GT rim looks amazing. It’s just a shame they don’t yet offer any officially licensed wheels in the way Fanatec and Thrustmaster do. But with their share in the market seemingly growing exponentially, motorsport brands will surely want a piece of the action some time soon. When that happens, my bank account will feel the brunt.

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