MudRunner VR Launches For Meta Quest Headsets

MudRunner VR is here and allows players to experience the title form an all-new perspective. The title launches on Meta Quest headsets.

Images: Saber Interactive

Time to get dirty as if you were there: Over six years after the release of the original, MudRunner VR is now available for off-road fans to enjoy. The Saber Interactive game offers a Story Mode as well as Free Play, eight all-terrain vehicles, and "immense sandbox landscapes", according to the launch press release.

The VR implementation sets out to make the experience much more immersive, and the launch trailer shows that this should well be the case. Players can use their VR controllers to flip switches, fuel their vehicles or attach winches, among other things, placing them in the middle of the rugged action.


However, this comes with a caveat: Instead of VR being added to the Steam version of the game, MudRunner VR is a standalone release in the Meta Store only. The game is compatible with Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro headsets, with the VR version having been developed specifically for these HMDs.

The MudRunner VR Meta Store page lists Touch Controllers as the only compatible controllers, so playing it with a wheel and pedals looks to be out of the question for now. Those who own one of the compatible headsets can jump into MudRunner VR for €19.99 / £14.99.

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