Last GT Sport update? Mysterious GT Sport car revealed

Last GT Sport Update? GT Sport Car Revealed

Gran Turismo Lead Producer Kazunori Yamauchi has teased the next GT Sport update, but many fans already know what’s coming.

Photo credit: Toyota

UPDATE, 8 July:

Update 1.66 has now been released for Gran Turismo Sport by Polyphony Digital. The headline addition is the Toyota GR86, making it the first car added to the game since the Toyota GR Yaris, all the way back in November 2020. Other than the new car, there is one other change that comes with patch 1.66. Namely, an issue withh lobby/sport mode has been fixed which caused the occurance of differences in tyre temperature depending on the tyre wear race settings. Given that this update is one of the last, if not the last, to be given to GT Sport before full focus shifts to Gran Turismo 7, the small size of the patch will certainly be a disappointment to some.

Original news, 6 July:

Kazunori Yamauchi, the CEO of Polyphony Digital and lead producer of the Gran Turismo games, has published a tweet teasing a car which will soon be included into Gran Turismo Sport. The text of the tweet simply reads “Update is coming this week”. However, what’s more intriguing is the image of a silhouette of a car, which is also included in the tweet. Despite all the secrecy, the GT Sport community already have a pretty good idea of what this car is.

The mask comes off

Toyota’s latest Gazoo Racing release, the Toyota GR86, looks very likely to be the car in question. This fresh off the drawing board model is the third GR car that Toyota has developed. It’s predecessors, the GR Yaris and GR Supra, have both already been added to the extensive list of cars available in GT Sport. In fact, before it was released, the GR Yaris received the same silhouette-teaser-tweet treatment as the GR86 is currently getting.

This is not the first variant of the Toyota 86 to be added by Polyphony Digital. Both the previous GT86 model and, confusingly, Gazoo Racing rally versions are already available to play. The real version of the car is not yet available for sale, so there are some things that aren’t yet known about it. However, it will feature a 2.4 litre naturally-aspirated flat-four “boxer” engine, which is capable of pumping out around 240hp. With this power, the GR86 will be capable of going from 0-62mph (100kph) in 6.3 seconds.

When it comes to the public reaction to the news, the responses are pretty mixed. This update is particularly important to fans, as it is likely to be the final update for GT Sport before the release of Gran Turismo 7 in 2022. Some Twitter users have replied in frustration, stating that new cars aren’t added frequently enough or in high enough numbers for their liking. Others want a greater variety of cars being added. At present, there are more Toyota cars in GT Sport than any other manufacturer. However, others are talking about their excitement at the new update, as well as of the physical beauty of the GR86.
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