Mysterious car teased for GT Sport

Mysterious car teased for GT Sport

GT Sport producer speaks of most exciting car in a while coming this week.

Photo credit: Kazunori Yamauchi

GT Turismo Sport‘s garage is going to be expanded by a new addition in the next days. On November 9, Polyphony Digital’s CEO and GT producer Kazunori Yamauchi published a teaser of the yet unrevealed vehicle on Twitter.

Yamauchi claims the car to be the most exciting in a while. However, the posted image was hardly a challenging riddle for the community: Although there are a few other viable options, the majority of the comments section is certain that the picture shows the Toyota Yaris.

Yaris Time Trial in GT Sport

As Toyota has already announced Time Trials in the Yaris coming to GT Sport, Yamauchi could allude to this in his statement. Update 1.62, that will bring the Yaris to the game, is due on November 13. For exactly one month, players who buy the GR Yaris will be able to compete in the Time Trials at Sardegna – Windmills.

The challenge will be designed in a way to emphasize the model’s strengths: The Yaris’ four-wheel-drive system can be put through its paces on the off-road track of Sardegna. A detailed guide on how to buy the car in-game and sign up for the challenge can be found in the official announcement on Toyota’s website.

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