NASCAR 21 confirmed – including first preview images

NASCAR 21 confirmed – including first preview images

A new NASCAR title is in the making and is said to be ready for 2021. The version will discontinue the NASCAR Heat series and run on a different game engine.

Photo credit: Motorsports Games

Motorsports Games confirmed a new NASCAR game to hit the market in 2021. The game will not be part of the NASCAR Heat series, but open a new chapter instead.

New game engine aims for visual upgrades

In an interview with news page IGN, a representative of Motorsports Games shared insight in their upcoming plans.

The new NASCAR title is said to be released this year, using the Unreal Engine and Studio 397’s rFactor 2 physics. The company acquired Studio 397 and their franchise earlier this year. The most recent iteration of the NASCAR Heat series used Unity. With this change, the developer wants to bring the graphics and the gameplay more onto the level of a AAA-title.

Nascar 21 visual upgrades
Motorsports Games are ready to make their game look like a Triple-A title. Photo credit: Motorsports Games / IGN

Players can finally pimp their cars with paintjobs

Fans can also be excited about a broader possibility to customize cars, as the game will feature a long awaited paint booth for the first time. The spokesperson also pointed out that there will be many accessibility options included in the game. However, there currently is no further information about how these options will look like.

The interview also featured the first preview images of how the new game might look like.

Design own liveries
With the long requested paint booth, players can finally design their own liveries. Photo credit: Motorsports Games / IGN
different circuits
Oval racing might seem monotone for some people, but the different circuits offer a great variety. Photo credit: Motorsports Games / IGN
Nascar 21 Sneekpeek
The developer aims for visual upgrades. The first few images look promising in that regard. Photo credit: Motorsports Games / IGN

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