NASCAR Heat series to come to Nintendo Switch

NASCAR Heat series to come to Nintendo Switch

Publisher Motorsport Games aims to expand their NASCAR Heat franchise to more platforms. The Nintendo Switch version is said to be coming this year.

Photo credit: Motorsports Games / NASCAR Heat Twitter

So, you want to play an official NASCAR game on-the-go? This year, that might be possible, as publisher Motorsport Games aims to bring their NASCAR Heat series to the Nintendo Switch.

Dmitry Kozko, CEO of Motorsport Games, recently revealed the company’s plans to bring their flagship title to the portable console in an interview with So far, there is no official NASCAR game for the Switch.

Kozko stated that they plan to reach a younger demographic and including the Switch helps with that:

In 2021, we plan to release a couple of more games and expand our platforms. One thing that we’re actively working on is bringing NASCAR to the Nintendo Switch platform. That’s going to be the first time on Nintendo Switch.

We’re excited about that, especially the fact that that tends to reach a younger demographic. So both us and NASCAR are excited about that move. We will launch another mobile product, and we’ve been working for quite some time on the relaunch of the NASCAR Heat franchise. So we’re definitely looking forward to that.

Great interest in the company’s IPO

The NASCAR Heat series is developed by 704Games. Motorsports Games made a majority investment into the company in 2019 and became the publisher for NASCAR Heat 5.

After being involved with hosting several esports racing events during the pandemic, Motorsports Games opened an IPO for $60 million in December last year. According to Kozko, there is great interest from sponsors in the said IPO. He explains that they want to keep producing high-quality, sophisticated and innovative experiences in racing games, and also expand to more platforms:

We’re going to make our games available on a lot more platforms, which means more products, and more potential revenue. And then we’re going to amplify the heck out of it by adding the drama and excitement that esports brings.


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