Official! Need for Speed Hot Pursuit remaster announced

Official! Need for Speed Hot Pursuit remaster announced

10 years after its release, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit has been remastered for current consoles.

Photo credit: EA

Do you ever long for the simple games of the past? Pure arcade style titles with no complicated backstories – just a wild chase in exotic cars? Well, Criterion Games has answered your prayers, confirming that the rumors are correct: a remastered version of their cult classic Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit will be available for the PS4, PC and Xbox One from November 6. There will even be a version for the Nintendo Switch from November 13.

A trip back in time

The 2010 version of Hot Pursuit was effectively a retro game in itself. Gone were the endless customization options that made the Need for Speed series so famous – a new coat of paint was the only way to personalize your vehicle. Instead, you were either a street racer or a cop for the Seacrest County PD.

A curious twist was that both cops and crims had the same vehicles – but who wouldn’t want to patrol the streets in a Bugatti Veyron Police Interceptor? If this is making you nostalgic, check out the trailer:

The same, but better

The general premise of the game, as well as the cars available within it, remains unchanged. However, Stellar Entertainment (who also managed Burnout Paradise Remastered, also from Criterion) has vastly uprated the graphics and included higher resolution vehicles and more environmental objects to make races more visually appealing. And for the first time, Hot Pursuit allows cross-play support, so you can challenge your friends regardless of what platform you happen to own.

Another feature is ‘Autolog”, which connects you and your friends in head-to-head pursuits and races and instinctively delivers challenges based on your friends’ activities. Features such as these ensure that the game is up to date, despite its retro feel.

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