Dakar Desert Rally Classic Vehicles Pack out now

New Classic Vehicles Join Dakar Desert Rally

The latest update to Dakar Desert Rally comes with a new DLC, the Classic Vehicles Pack. Two new legends of the sport join the game whilst plenty of updates will give players hope.

Image Credit: Saber Interactive

Yesterday, Saber Interactive released the latest update to Dakar Desert Rally. Now at version 1.9, the game is still lacking features from its road map schedule. But fans will cheer at the release of two new models as part of the Classic Vehicles Pack.

In fact, alongside the new update, Dakar Desert Rally has received a new DLC pack introducing a pair of legends from the race’s past. Those with the game’s Season Pass get the Classic Vehicles Pack for free. To the rest, it will cost $9.99/€9.99.

Two Classic Dakar Vehicles

Included in the latest update are two new cars to the game, both of which are legendary racers from the Dakar Rally’s history. The Porsche 959 and Tatra 815 are both very successful models, etched into the history of the sport.

Back in 1985 when the Group B class of rallying came to an untimely end, Porsche had just created a blinder of a car that needed somewhere to race. The German manufacturer therefore took its 959 rally racer to the Dakar Rally. With four-wheel drive, 400 horsepower coming from a 3-litre flat-six and a gorgeous Rothmans livery, the off-road supercar challenged from the get-go. In its second Dakar participation in 1986, the 959 filled the first and second places of the podium.

With the emergence of the truck class in Rally Raid, Tatra saw the hyper-powerful racers like the DAF ‘Tweekoppige Monster’ and raised the bar. In 1986, the Czech lorry manufacturer took on the infamous rally with its new 815. Just three years later, in 1988, the truck maker took a class win. This would be the first of six over the next 13 years.

Update to the Dakar Game

The Dakar Desert Rally headline of the week may be the Classic Vehicles Pack. But the game also received an update yesterday bringing stability and performance.

Porsche 959 joins Dakar Desert Rally in Classic Vehicles Pack
Porsche 959 joins Dakar Desert Rally in Classic Vehicles Pack. Image Credit: Saber Interactive

Whilst all platforms get an overall stability boost, the Xbox One X and Series S get a so-called performance mode. Lowering the graphical beauty, this should provide better framerate for those that need it.

A number of graphical tweaks have also been made. These include better headlight shadows and improved cockpit mirror quality.

Tatra 815 drifting on the Dakar sand
Tatra 815 drifting on the Dakar sand. Image Credit: Saber Interactive

Finally, voice-over language packs for Italian, German, Portuguese and Brazilian-Portuguese are also now in the game.

A small update, it will give hope to players looking for greater game support from the developers. But it is disappointing to see that the Road Map Editor, a feature scheduled to release last year, is still yet to be implemented. Other additions expected this year include a livery editor and the surprisingly missing Photo Mode.

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