New F1 2020 feature revealed: Driver ratings

New F1 2020 feature revealed: Driver ratings

For the first time, F1 2020 will add driver ratings. They will heavily influence the career mode.

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Codemaster’s F1 2020 game will include driver ratings. The brand-new feature is set to make the game’s career mode more realistic. Drivers with a higher rating will be more valuable and have better racing abilities. The rating will also heavily influence the new “My team” feature. In this mode, players can create their own F1 team for their career and negotiate with other drivers to join.


For the first time in an F1 game the drivers will get a clear rating number. Similar to other sports games like FIFA Ultimate Team, the rating consists of an overall score as well as a calculation of certain traits. These traits are as follows:

Experience: A higher experience score will help players to collect more “Resource Points”. This is the currency used in the game to buy car upgrades.

Racecraft: This value determines how well a driver does at overtaking.

Awareness: A higher value means the driver is less likely to do lose control of the car or make a mistake during close encounters.

Pace: This one is simple. The higher the score, the faster the driver.


The rating system aims to make driver changes even more realistic in the new F1 game.

In F1 2020, the F2 drivers will also impact the career more than ever. Their rating will improve over time and they will become an increasingly valuable option for the teams. In addition, F1 2020 will be the first game of the series to have drivers retiring in career mode.

There will also be fictional characters for the players to sign for their teams. However, these drivers won’t become as strong as the real F1 and F2 pilots.


The driver ratings for all Red Bull, Racing Point and AlphaTauri drivers have already been published. The remaining driver scores will be revealed over the coming days.

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