F1 Manager Revamped for 2021 Season

F1 Manager Revamped for 2021 Season

Hutch’s F1 management game has been renamed to F1 Clash, and with the rebrand several updates have come to the game.

Photo credit: Hutch / F1 Clash

Since its initial release in 2019, F1 Manager has been bringing the top level of motorsports to the world of mobile gaming. Now, as of 11 May, the game is receiving a facelift. Along with the new name of F1 Clash, the management game has received a good deal in the way of changes and updates to help bring the experience into the 2021 Formula 1 season. Here is a rundown of what has changed.

The New Season

Predictably, the new update comes with all the drivers and teams from the 2021 F1 season, maintaining the game’s relevancy to the real sport. As of this update, your team will be driving against the likes of the Alpines and Aston Martins. With the high levels of interest surrounding the new teams, and in particular Aston Martin, this update ought to pique the interest of F1 fans.

In terms of gameplay additions, a sizeable forty-eight new car components have been added to the game. These will give the player more options for car development across the season. Additionally, all assets have been assigned an extra upgrade level, raising their potential stat cap to one hundred and twenty.

What else is new?

Hutch, the developers behind F1 Clash, talk of a visual overhaul which includes a new dark interface option, as well as higher fidelity 3D graphics. Along with this, there is the option for players to spend constructor’s championship points earned in the 2020 season on 2021 driver and component assets. These ought to give the player a leg-up in the new season as a reward for their prior progress.

According to Corentin Delprat, the game director of F1 Clash, the experience has been “continually improved… thanks to the valued feedback from our community and our own learnings from previous seasons”. Developers taking on community feedback is always good news, and players will be hoping that their particular recommendations have come under direct consideration. F1 Clash is free to play on IOS and Android, but be warned that it does involve in-app purchases.

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