On Yer Bike! MotoGP 21 Reveals Bike Retrieval

On Yer Bike! MotoGP 21 Reveals Bike Retrieval

MotoGP 21 developer Milestone has just announced a new feature which fans of realism are sure to love!

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Another new feature has been revealed for the upcoming MotoGP 21 game, and it is one which gives the players even more control and boosts the sense of realism in the game. It is called ‘bike retrieval’, and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Riders who fall from their machines will have to manually jog back towards them in order to remount and continue the race. Upon arriving at the stricken bike, a new cutscene will play in which the rider remounts the bike, before the player is thrust back in control.

For many, this will be a welcome change from last year’s 2020 edition of the game. In that title, a crash which saw the player falling from their bike enabled a brief cutscene with a close-up shot of the rider’s descent. After this, the player was reset back to the circuit, on their bike once more.

This previous solution was obviously not very realistic, and it was also not as punishing as falling off of a bike should be. After all, most real-life riders who fall from their bikes usually choose not to continue the race, as they will have lost too much time. Bike retrieval solves this neatly, creating a greater time loss for incidents while also re-affirming the player’s direct control of their rider, enhancing immersion. One potential issue is that new players might find this overly-punishing, so hopefully there will be an option to use the old system as well.

What else is new?

This is the third major new mechanic that has been revealed by developer Milestone for the upcoming game. The other two are the inclusion of detailed brake temperature as a factor in a bike’s performance and also the addition of the long-lap penalty for infractions such as jump starts. To find out more, check out our video review of a preview version of the game:

All-in-all the new features that have been announced so far are nice, but they don’t add up to a huge amount. Milestone is yet to reveal information on the game’s career mode, however, so there may well be more exciting announcements in the pipeline. There is currently less than a month until the release date of 22 April, so fans of the series don’t have long to wait.

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