New Gran Turismo 7 gameplay at PlayStation event?

New Gran Turismo 7 gameplay at PlayStation event?

Fans expect updates on Gran Turismo 7 in PlayStation’s upcoming State of Play stream.

Photo credit: Sony / YouTube

Sony announced a new State of Play Stream which will air on Thursday, August 6 at 10 PM CEST. An official release by the company says the show will mainly focus on “third-party-published-games coming to PS4 and PS VR”. Racing fans can also hope for good news.

Will we see more of Gran Turismo 7?

Thursday’s presentation will be all about games as the entry on PlayStation.Blog suggests. Sid Shuman, Senior Director of Content Communication at Sony, promises 40 minutes of “new gameplay footage and other game updates.”

So far, there are no rumors about new racing game announcements. However, the community can still look forward to the event as Sony also promises “PS5 game updates on third-party and indie titles.”

Many expect to see more gameplay of Gran Turismo 7. The game had been announced at the PlayStation 5 reveal event and a first trailer made the community hungry for more. The video delivered a lot of old-school vibes from GT4 as well as some good-looking gameplay on Trial Mountain.

It is also possible we get more information on Destruction Allstars, which was announced alongside GT7 at the beginning of June. The game looks like a mix of Rocket League and Overwatch in which the racers try to destroy the opponents’ cars in fictional arenas.


No news on PlayStation 5?

According to the official statement by Sony, there will be no news on the upcoming console in the stream. The PlayStation 5 is set to be released at the end of 2020. Important facts like release date, hardware specs and the price have not been dropped yet. It seems like fans still have to wait for updates on these topics.


You can watch the event live at PlayStation’s YouTube or Twitch channel.

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