The Maserati MC20 supercar on Gran Turismo 7.
Image credit: Polyphony Digital

New Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.36 On 7 August

Gran Turismo 7

This upcoming Monday, a new Gran Turismo 7 update is on the way and additionally, in-game prizes can be won if you follow the World Series Showdown event!

Updates for Gran Turismo 7 traditionally arrive towards the end of the month, so it may be a week or so late but a new one is inbound. Additionally, there are a few prizes available with the new edition of Predict The Winners and Viewers Campaign.

All you have to do is follow along with the Gran Turismo World Series Showdown event taking place 11-12 August in Amsterdam.

What New Cars?

Firstly, as reported on by Jalponik in June, a Toyota GR Corolla will be added in this update. However, the reports claimed initially it would be the Circuit Edition. In fact, it will be the Morizo Edition. Both have the same power output, but the Morizo Edition produces more torque and is lighter due to having no rear seats.

Next up is a classic, the Chevrolet Corvette C1 from 1958. The car ran its production life from 1953 all the way up to 1962. This version used a 283 cubic inch V8, which would churn out a range of between 230 to 290 horsepower.

Perhaps the most prominent addition though will be the Maserati MC20. The Italian performance car marque’s mid-engined supercar is a spiritual successor to the MC12, and it sports a 3.0-litre twinturbo V6 producing 621 horsepower. As a result, it can do 0-60mph in three seconds, maybe even less, and on to a top speed of over 200mph.

There is one more car coming with the update. But you’ll be able to get it for free.

Win In-Game Prizes

As we’ve already stated, the Gran Turismo World Series’ first onsite round of 2023 takes place next week. If you follow the event, you can earn in-game items from correctly answering questions. This was done for the World Finals last November as well.

When the broadcast ends, load up Gran Turismo 7, go to Viewers Campaign and a question opens up on those corresponding days. They will pertain to the broadcast, something to the effect of “Which manufacturer qualified 7th?”. If you answer correctly, you will earn items.

A menu from Gran Turismo 7 showing two tabs featuring prizes if the player answers a question correctly.
Earn items from following the World Series Showdown. Image credit: Polyphony Digital

You will have until 20 August to answer the questions. The opening day of the event will focus on the Manufacturers Cup and the correct answer will earn you a 6-Star Roulette Ticket that can give you an engine.

The final day will be centred on the Nations Cup competition, and the prize from that is the fourth new car being added on 7 August. The Toyota Ambulance Himedic, a vehicle used by the Japanese emergency service. So if you want it, hold off on getting it as you can instead get it for free. The prizes will be deposited on 21 August.

Additionally, there will be another Predict The Winners. The entries of which remain open until the start of the Grand Final of each individual day’s racing. So perhaps wait until qualifying is over for the Grand Final races before deciding, and you can earn 1,000,000 credits each day! If you correctly predict the outcome, your credits are deposited 14 August.

What Else Could be Added?

To celebrate the release of the Gran Turismo movie, there will be an event in-game. Players can claim a Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 racecar in the white PlayStation livery that is raced in the movie. Speaking of the Gran Turismo movie, there is a car raced in the movie that isn’t already in the game.

The Ligier JS PX which is a derestricted Ligier JSP217 car that ran in the LMP2 class of the World Endurance Championship. Perhaps we can speculate that the Ligier could be added to GT7 in a future update, further promoting the Gran Turismo movie.

On the note of potential future additions, there are rumours of a Grand Prix track being added to the game.

Players have peaked into the files from the last update and seemingly found some new code. The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve – host of the Canadian Grand Prix – is set to be added to Gran Turismo 7. It doesn’t look like it will be in this update, but maybe the next one?

Nothing is official as of yet in regards to the addition of the track, but they may have inadvertently confirmed a new track is coming with the 1.36 update. The World Map shows a red dot on the World Circuits tab in their article talking about the Giveaway Campaigns, which signifies a new track.

Whether that’s Montreal or not, we can’t say for certain. But we will find out 7 August.

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