New insights on PC3 career mode leaked

New insights on PC3 career mode leaked

Sim racing Content Creator Chris Haye showed new gameplay of Project Cars 3 on YouTube.

Photo credit: Slightly Mad Studios

Did YouTuber Chris Haye accidentally overlook a press embargo? The British content creator showed exclusive gameplay of the upcoming Project Cars 3 in two videos on Thursday. Both of them are not available anymore and set to private.

Project Cars 3 by Slightly Mad Studios will be published on August 28 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. So far we haven’t got to see much from the game, especially its career mode, so Haye’s video came as a surprise.

New insights on career mode

In one of the videos, Haye presented some gameplay of the new career mode and gave his opinion on the matter. He talked surprisingly positive about the game after Slightly Mad Studios had to face hard criticism from the community for the lack of realism and missing details such as tire and fuel management.



While racing in career mode, players will gain in-game credits and XP which they can use to buy, upgrade and modify their cars. You will have to work your way up through the different tiers of cars. To unlock championships, you have to race in themed events and fullfil special challenges. It is definetly a new approach compared to Project Cars 2.

Even though Chris Haye published his videos too early, their existence probably means that there will be more official information around Project Cars 3 in the near future.

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