New Logitech racing wheel coming soon

New Logitech racing wheel coming soon?

A tweet by the company suggests the well-selling Logitech G29 will get a successor.

Photo credit: Porsche / Logitech

Is the next generation of Logitech racing hardware coming to the market? Logitech G posted a close-up picture of what looks like the center of a steering wheel on their Twitter account. The post says: “Get to the grid,” and teases August 5 as a possible reveal date.

Given the fact that a new console generation will be released at the end of the year, the arrival of a new wheel series seems very likely.

A broad discussion about new possible features has emerged under the teaser tweet. Many fans hope Logitech releases a single wheel model which will be compatible across all gaming platforms. Other topics of the discussion are the force-feedback system, handling, and desired improvements of the pedals.

Long history in entry-level hardware

The Swiss company has been focusing on entry-level racing hardware throughout the last years. Their flagship wheels G25, G27 and G29 rank among the best esport racing wheels in lower pricing segments. Each Logitech wheel comes with a set of pedals.

The latest models G29 and G920 were released in 2015 and are compatible with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One respectively. However, a lot of racers consider the models to be outdated. Whether that is true, you can find out in our hardware review of the wheel:

We are awaiting updates on the new hardware to be released on Wednesday, August 5.

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