New NASCAR game to benefit from famed physics engine

New NASCAR game will use famed physics engine

The latest game in Motorsport Games’ NASCAR series is taking on a new identity.

Image credit: Motorsport Games

Motorsport Games’ latest title in their NASCAR game series has been announced, and things are looking a fair bit different than they did in previous years! NASCAR Heat is no more, as the latest game is called NASCAR 21: Ignition. While the theme of fire and high temperatures remains, the name change is indicative of something of an upheaval in the series itself.

What are the biggest changes?

Most significant among the list of changes between the NASCAR Heat games and this new creation is the adoption of an entirely new physics engine. Earlier in 2021, Motorsport Games acquired Studio 397, the developers behind rFactor 2. One of the more celebrated aspects of rFactor is the quality of its physics engine, and NASCAR 21: Ignition will make use of that very same engine. As such, players can expect a significant improvement in the game’s physics, something which is always crucial when it comes to racing games.

The improvements to the game’s realism don’t just end with the physics. Real-world broadcasting talent from MRN Radio are lending their voices to the game, which will feature every single racetrack from the 2021 NASCAR Cup season. All of the real drivers within the game are being digitally scanned in, and additional attention to detail is being paid to pit road and the onlooking crowds.

Editions and Release Date

There are multiple editions of the game available for purchase, each of which brings its own level of extra benefits. For instance, pre-ordering the Standard Edition will give players access to the game two days early, while plumping for the Champions Edition will grant you the first three DLC for free, some in-game career mode bonuses and more.

Both editions of the game are set to release on 28 October 2021, not including the two days earlier access available for those who pre-order. NASCAR 21: Ignition will be playable on Xbox, PlayStation and Steam, so no matter your platform you’ll be able to give it a whirl. Those who purchase the game on Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 will receive enhanced versions of the game for free as updates sometime after the game has been released.

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